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A diversified team of 73 competent writers capable of handling content needs of your business.


Qissa – Pakistan’s First Self-publishing platform provides digital and hard publishing with print-on-demand.


Literary events, competitions, fellowships and many more exciting opportunities to upgrade your portfolio.


How it works?

Our mission is to initiate projects and connect Pakistani writers with opportunities. Thus, enabling them to learn, earn and compete in the local and global markets. For this, we are building a localized freelance marketplace to connect Pakistani writers with global businesses.

We need 20 businesses to launch the automated website. If you are looking for economical content solutions then get in touch.

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Are you a business looking for content solutions to accelerate your growth and boost your business?


How it works?

We are connecting all stakeholders of the industry through an automated web portal to increase talent discovery, decrease communication gap and ensure transparency. For this, we launched a localized version of Amazon’s self-publishing platform named Qissa Publishing to enable Pakistani writers to get published.

The platform enables Pakistani writers to build their readership, collect pre-orders and raise funds to do bulk printing. We also provide on-demand design, editing and marketing services.

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What's in it for them?


Clear, Simple and Easy Steps


Write, Upload and Get Published


Affordable and Economical Packages

Tired of finding publishers and their non-responsive behavior?
Get your content self-published with Daastan.


What's in it for them?

Discover the top performing stories and highly rated authors on Qissa to maximize your profits.


What's in it for them?


Stories with local plots by Pakistani authors


Express how the story make you feel like!



Write and explain what you loved

Help us build Pakistan’s dying literary industry by supporting local authors and encouraging them to write more.


How it works?

We believe in uniting the literary activists all over Pakistan and work collectively under the banner of Daastan to scale the impact of our movement for the revival of literature in Pakistan.

Through this three (03) month program, we are looking to find people who are passionate about literature and are willing to work with us in an intensive and challenging environment for our cause.

The Stories Untold

Nation wide Story Writing Competition

We organize quality writing events in which you not only compete with other participants but also learn how to improve your content further through one-on-one mentoring sessions.

Our platform enables you to make your name, find readers and build your portfolio. We concluded our first ever writing event in Sep’16.


Knockout Rounds