Calling All Literary Activists

Who Possess The Following Traits

Love Literature

Must Have Read 100+ Books

Build Systems

Impacting Literary Industry

Is Perfectionist

Who Settles Only For The Best

Syed Ommer Amer

Syed Ommer Amer

Founder and CEO

Pakistan’s literary industry is in constant downfall, people in Pakistan are quitting writing as a profession primarily because they can not make a living by writing.

We are looking for passionate individuals who are willing to build transparent automated systems through which we can monetize writing and make writing, a profession worth pursuing.

If you are the one who believe in this dream then come,  work with us and
be a part of legacy, as it unfolds!

How Will The Program Work?

A step by step breakdown




  • Planning Proposed Project
  • Finalizing Team and Timelines
  • Developing Prototype Designs


  • Launching Proposed Project
  • Acquiring Beta Users
  • Running Marketing Campaigns


  • Scaling Project to Sustainability
  • Compiling Results and Impact
  • Graduation Ceremony

Submit An Idea

Propose Idea and Your Skills

We Will Plan

Timelines and Milestones To Follow

You Will Execute

Launch. Analyze. Pivot. Repeat

Focus Areas

What type of ideas are accepted
Area 1 : Publishing

Objective: Local content generation which can be marketed globally to improve image of Pakistan!

We have a self-publishing platform live @ Anyone can publish digital content in English or Urdu language on the website. We are looking for ideas that build on the platform.

For example: You can come up with an idea of generating Urdu Poetry Publishing (but you must be a poet yourself with good solid background, for your idea to be accepted)

You can start finding and documenting Local Heritage of Pakistan through digital books. We would prefer photographers or travel bloggers to work in this category.

Another idea is that you can publish comic books or digital arts collection of Pakistani artists. May be a Top 100 indie Digital Artists all over Pakistan OR start a digital Anime Magazine.

If you are into Sufi-ism, you can come up with an idea that how you can find and publish Sufi writers.

There are so many cases that can be implemented and we want you to choose your area of interest and launch an idea.

What will Daastan do?

Primarily, we will handle technology and marketing of content. In some cases, we might provide design support like designing a mag or illustrations for a photo book.


Still have questions or want to discuss an idea? Talk to us by messaging us on our facebook page.

Area 2 : Ecommerce

Objective: Enabling crafts-person to market their work!

We have an E-commerce store on our website and we are looking for creative crafters to showcase their work.

For example: We often see lot of cool things on Etsy and other international stores like a customized bookmark, a themed diary, key chains, necklaces, cards, on-demand digital sketches (e.g. your anime version) or other collectible items for the people who love literature. We don’t have anything here in Pakistan.

But we strongly believe that we have lot of good talent with good products out there who can not find a place to exhibit their work or find buyers. If you are that person or know someone then apply for our fellowship and let’s make this idea a reality.

Please note that we don’t want any importing of pre-made things from China and selling it in Pakistan on high prices. All such ideas will be rejected. We are looking for those ideas where you are building something yourself and whatever you are pitching is your own original thing.

What will Daastan do?

We will provide our brand name, platform and marketing channels for people (who don’t have any recognition but have skill). They will build cool QUALITY products for us and we will market them digitally and sell it all over Pakistan.

We will also ensure payment collection and provide technology support to the accepted candidates.


Still have questions or want to discuss an idea? Talk to us by messaging us on our facebook page.