Calling All Literary Activists

Let's Unite To Revive Literature


We are looking for

music enthusiasts

looking to learn music composition

design freaks

looking to learn basic 2D animations

literary geeks

looking to setup brands in publishing

social bees

looking to gain experience in marketing

The applications for the year 2018 are now closed.


If Selected, Here Is What We Expect From You






What will I be doing?


You will be working with our core team on our on-going projects. Fellows will be assigned weekly goals which ought to be completed timely to stay in the program. We will teach you skills and you will invest your time in our projects and help us scale them.

How will you measure my performance?


You are required to INVEST 500 hours in 100 days with 80% efficiency to successfully graduate from the program. If you fail to achieve this minimum performance criteria, you will not be acknowledged as a Literary Fellow.

What is the nature of job?

This is work-from-home type program. You can be based ANYWHERE in Pakistan. All we require is for you to be willing to put your blood and sweat to achieve the goal, i.e. to help the writers make a decent living through their skills.

You will report daily to your captains about the work you did. If you fail to meet the 80% performance efficiency, you will be knocked out from the program.

What Happened In Past?

Our Success Stories


Aroosa Mushtaq Malik


Aroosa was featured on PTV World’s Show ‘World This Morning’. Since graduation, she has had a prolific career as a Content Writer at various organizations.

Kiran Ashraf


She is an experienced education consultant and career counselor. After graduation, she was hired by Synergyzer as content creator.

Mahnoor Naseer


She co-founded The Ancient Souls, was hired in Daastan‘s core team. Currently, serves as the head of English Editorial and Publishing Wing.


Areesh Fatmee


TEDx speaker, award winning debater and the youngest Pakistani free verse poetry writer. We hired her as Director PR after her graduation.

Armin Bilquis


Armin is Daastan’s Youngest Literary fellow who published her English poetry collection titled ‘Melted Kaleidoscopes‘ at the age of 20.


Romessa Ahmad


She is an engineer who resolved our technical issues and soon after graduation, she was invited as ‘Guest of Honor’ in SpeakLit Fest.

Focus Areas

Our Objectives


Details About Program

Music Composition

This year, we are setting the standards to a new extreme by introducing ‘Music Composition’ module. We have internationally certified trainers who will help individuals interested in using software to compose their own original music. If you are someone madly addicted to music then this is perfect opportunity for you.


Profound knowledge about local/international musicians, music genres and basic know-how of music instruments.

What we will teach?

Basic music theory and associated software which will help you compose your own music.

What will you deliver?

You will help us process podcasts for our new mobile app DAASTAN NAAMA

Animated Videos

Pakistan has produced very limited quality animated works. We dream to create some of the world’s most stunning and meaningful animation by turning our top notch published stories into animated films. If you are someone who has that spark in you and you share our dream then come forward. Together, we are going to wreak havoc!


Intermediate level of understanding of design tools like Adobe Photoshop and illustrator. Good aesthetic sense and profound interest in literature.

What we will teach?

Basic skills, guidelines and resources (i.e. explainer videos) to help you excel in this domain.

What will you deliver?

You will help us develop marketable content for our authors and your graduation project would be one animated film on a plot of your choice from the stories published on Qissa.

Literary Brands

Are you running or planning to launch a literary brand in your community? Are you affiliated with any local literary organization which is doing some phenomenal work which needs a platform? Have you dreamt of starting a magazine, book club, mobile library or something on those lines in niche of publishing?

If you answered yes to any question then thin no more. You search ends here. We are what you were looking for your whole life. Last year, Daastan launched three brands which are still operational. This year we plan to launch ten.


Extreme passion to learn business development, technology, finance and basic designing. You must demonstrate through your past portfolio that why we should invest our time in you.

What we will teach?

Basics to help you setup your brand on the technology developed by Daastan. We will sponsor branding, hosting and domain costs for top performers.

What will you deliver?

You will invest your time to help us with our day to day operations.

Queries? Shoot us an email at or WhatsApp us at +92 (321) 95 25 753

Project Timeline




Applications, interviews, selection and team formation.



Nov’18 – Dec’18

Selected individuals will work to achieve their assigned goals



Jan’18 – Feb’18

Progress report submission, performance evaluation and results compilation.

What will you achieve?

The Perks



Letter of Recommendation

to help you get a decent job

Media Exposure

to help you expand your network


which will help you build a competitive edge

The Chosen Ones

Huda Tayyab

Musab Umair

Ramsha Babar

Haseeb Chaudhry

Saba Khaliq

Aisha Esbhani

Fellows Graduate