Qissa Self-Publishing

A Project of Daastan

Pakistan’s Literary Industry has been in constant downfall as it failed to evolve with time and embrace technology. As a result cost of operating offline business increased, publishers went out of business, bookstores closed down, reading interest declined and people started quitting writing as a profession.

In such challenging times, Daastan stepped up to the occasion and introduced Pakistan’s First Self-publishing Platform named QISSA which enables Pakistani writers to get published, find readers and get hired.

Publishing In Pakistan

Has Just Got


Clear, Simple And Easy Steps


Write, Upload and Get Published


Affordable And Economical Packages

How Does The Process Works?

What should I do?

Being a writer, you have two options to choose from

  1. Digital Publishing
  2. Hard Publishing

How Do I Choose Which One Is For Me?

Ask yourself these questions

  • Have you been published before OR is this your first time?
  • Do you have a readership of 100-500 people who are dying to order a hard copy of your work?
  • Do you have a good OR presentable writing portfolio at hand?

If you answered NO to any of the questions then you should go for digital publishing which is FREE OF COST and build readership of at least a 50-100 people. Participate in the opportunities we share on our facebook page and consider applying for our Flagship Writing Event and Fellowship Program.

Please note that without those three (03) things, even if you do go for hard publishing with us or any other traditional publisher, you will lose your money as no one will buy your work.

Signup @ Qissa To Start Digital Publishing

If you are confident that you can sell your work and have good readership then get in touch with our team.

However, if you are just publishing it for your own satisfaction and have no plans on making money off your work. Then you can go for our self-publishing packages.


Qissa Self Publishing Packages

Short stories, Novels or Poetry. We Publish 'Em All!


10,000 to 30,000 words
  • A5 Sized 50-100 Paged Five (05) Hard Copies
  • Ten (10) Customized Bookmarks
  • Proofreading / Linear Editing
  • Delivering At Your Doorstep
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Pro Plus

10,000 to 60,000 Words
  • A5 Sized 50 – 500 Paged Ten (10) Hard Copies
  • Ten (10) Customized Bookmarks
  • Three (03) Branded Mugs (With Your Best Quotes)
  • Proofreading / Linear Editing
  • Delivering At Your Doorstep
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* Please note that Cover Design is an ADD-ON SERVICE and is NOT provided in any of the packages mentioned above. You are required to arrange a cover design yourself OR order it through us.

Premium Add-on Service

Book Cover Designing

According to a survey conducted by Book Smugglers, 79% readers believe that book cover design do matter and play a decisive role in your decision to buy a book.

Good designs helps writers in attracting readers to consider your book for reading. This is where we come in and help you start your journey by providing you an option to order designs through our platform.


Frequently Asked Questions

Explain What is Self Publishing With Daastan?

Daastan, for the first time in Pakistan is introducing SELF-PUBLISHING for writers and poets who can not access global self-publishing platforms.

Our mission is to make publishing faster, cheaper and affordable for Pakistani writers and poets.

We work more or less like Amazon. For example, once you self-publish with us, we would be dispatching your book to anyone who orders it from any part of the globe.

For the time being, we will NOT be selling E-books to anyone but in near future we do plan to start this system through an app.

Will The Published Books Be Paperbacks or Hard Covers?

12277201_1522539131403517_473247998_nFor the time being, we shall be providing books in Hard Covers only. Have a look at the sample! It will be a high quality A5 sized cover.

How Can Anyone Order My Novel?

We will place your Novel in our Book store from where people can order it online all over the world. 

Are There Any Other Hidden Charges?

NO! You just have to pay the amount mentioned in the packages in advance. That’s all!


I Don't Have Enough Money To Get Published. How Can Daastan Help Me?

Not everyone is Pakistan is fortunate to have a credit card or Paypal account to start their crowdfunding campaigns on global platforms.

Daastan enables those less privileged writers to start their crowdfunding campaigns and collect funds globally through Paypal and locally through Mobile Commerce Solutions and Bank Transfers to GET PUBLISHED.

More details here “How to start a crowdfunding campaign”

I Am Already Published/Self-published. Will You Place My Novel In Your Book store?

Yes! If you are a Pakistani Author who is already self-published through Amazon or any other traditional or self publishing platform, Daastan offers you to place your book in our Book Store and let the readers access it globally.

For more details talk to us through our Facebook Page.


I Want To Print And Dispatch My Self-published Novel To Pakistani Readers Just Like Amazon Does. Can Daastan Help Me?

Yes! We allow you to place your novel in our Book Store. We work on “print on demand” policy. Whenever we receive an order for your book, we inform you and dispatch it to respective locality.