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People behind the covers

Syed Ommer Amer


Dedicated, determined perfectionist who talks and dreams a bit too much

Nezrah Masood, Daastan, Freelance Writer

Nezrah Masood

Business Development Manager

Passionate logophile and dropdead awesome person

Froza Ahmed, Daastan, Freelance Writer

Froza Ahmed

Lady Literati

Words, travelling, food, debating and friends is the world she lives in

Nauman Shahid, Daastan, Freelance Writer

Nauman Shahid


Crazy gamer capable of engineering stunning literary pieces

Momina Latif, Daastan, Freelance Writer

Momina Latif

Design Aficionado

A passionate writer with a knack for visual arts and design

Maham Khalid

Operations Manager

Lawyer-in-making on a mission to change perception of mental health

Zahra Akbar

Literary Activist

Literary journalist enroute to exploring mystical world of words

Ayesha Mehmood, Daastan, Freelance Writer

Ayesha Mehmood

Lady Literati

Deep thinker, ardent reader who lives in world of her own

Namra Luqman, Daastan, Freelance Writer

Namra Luqman


Rebel on a mission to rebuild the foundations of flawed healthcare system

Saleha Kamran, Daastan, Freelance Writer

Saleha Kamran

Design Aficionado

Impressionist. Realist. Expressionist. Fauvist and an enthusiastic time traveler

Alina Anjum

Operations Manager

Adventurous challenger who gets things done in time

Saneea Imran, Daastan, Freelance Writer

Saneea Imran


Foodie bio-technologist who loves researching and challenging her limits

Haniya Humayun, Daastan, Freelance Writer

Haniya Humayun

Lady Literati

Perfectionist who works out of her comfort zone to weave magic with words

Bushra Mustafa, Daastan, Freelance Writer

Bushra Mustafa

Literary Activist

Engineers electrical circuits and mesmerizing poetry side by side

Waneeza Zaheer, Daastan, Freelance Writer

Waneeza Zaheer

Design Aficionado

Ecstatic, rapturous engineer who designs awe-inspiring art to melt hearts