Qissa Self-Publishing

A Project of Daastan
Syed Ommer Amer

Syed Ommer Amer

Founder and CEO

Two years of sleepless nights, countless rejections
and extreme criticism!

That’s what it took me to build Qissa Self-publishing
which is Pakistan’s First Self-publishing Platform

The Forbidden Story, my debut novel marks the beginning of
disruption in Pakistan’s Publishing Industry!

The Forbidden Story

An Action Thriller

When a secret agent code named Angel with his partner Hamza, walks past the blood drenched corpses of their collegues — assassinated by their nemesis’ henchmen, they are appalled. It’s apparent.


Infact, their focus had been solely trained on locating their missing Ally and retrieving the mysterious package. So, when the Jageerdaar’s men break into Flame’s Secret Base and capture their finest marks woman, Angel realizes that they may have been slipped up. BADLY !!!



What Happens When A Dangerous Femme Fatale
Reveals Her True Colors?


Can One Missed Call Destroy Angel?





It’s Pakistan’s First Action Thriller

About A Quest To Test

The  Strengths And

Avenge The Fallen Blood Of Igniters.


A Heart Rending Tale About Their Last Stand 

and All The Gruesome Deaths That Seem Imminent.



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We are very responsive to your feedback, contact us here on our facebook page.

How Can I Get Published With Daastan?

Daastan, for the first time in Pakistan is introducing SELF-PUBLISHING for writers and poets who can not access global self-publishing platforms.

Our mission is to make publishing faster, cheaper and affordable for Pakistani writers and poets.

Please explore “Self Publishing With Daastan” to know about the publishing packages and process.

Still, if you have queries, talk to us on our facebook page.