The Stories Untold – Season 5

The Guardians

Theme: This season we challenge you to IMAGINE a desi super hero who could save the Earth. All super heroes you ever heard or read about were killed by the evil forces. The world now needs a new breed of super heroes who could avenge the deaths of the fallen warriors.

The new breed of heroes have one mission i.e. to GUARD what’s left.

Defeating the evil forces is impossible but can your hero pull off one awe-inspiring feat and save a small region of human colonies?

Does your hero has what it takes to be a part of a league called ‘The Guardians’


  • Submitted should be of 5000-6000 words with only ONE (01) lead hero.
  • Writers are free to choose the gender of hero.
  • Writers are free to define the ‘evil forces’ the way they want to be (like aliens, robots, super natural or humans). Just make sure that till the end of the plot, they evil forces will remain dominant.
  • The main race to be saved is humans. Do not bring in elves or trolls in plots in the list of entities to be saved.
  • South Asia based characters would be preferred. However, other characters (if well written) would be entertained too.
  • Abusive language and vulgarity in stories will lead to straight rejection.
  • Strictly adhere to the theme and marking criteria.
  • Writers CAN NOT send previously published content for this event.
  • Event is open to all writers worldwide, all ages. Final selection will be based on quality of content.
  • Daastan will reserve the copyrights of the finalist stories and characters.
  • Submissions in Urdu are also entertained.

Marking Criteria

Characterization – 40%
How well you defined the character, its features and personality.

Grammar and vocabulary – 20%
Your command on language and how brilliantly you articulated the story.

Plot – 40%
We are looking for strong original plots which have potential to be turned into animated movies.


Winning stories will be turned into a short animated film

Semi finalists will get their stories turned into comic books

Quarter finalists will get their stories published in stand alone books (digital/print)


Submissions opening date: 1st Jan 2019
Submissions closing date: 25th Jan 2019
Extended date: 5th Feb 2019
Shortlisting phase: 5th Feb to 10th Feb 2019
Mentoring phase: 10th Feb to 5th Mar 2019
Results: 15th March 2019

How to submit?

Sign up on and setup your author account.
Click on Add New Book in your dashboard.
Enter your story name, upload any random image as cover (we will design covers for you in the later rounds)
In the Genre choose – > Season 5 – The Guardians
Save, preview and then submit your story.

How to signup and submit story on Qissa

Still got questions?

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