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Founding team of Daastan

Daastan leverages technology to bring accountability and transparency in book publishing industry by interconnecting key stake holders through Qissa – Pakistan’s premier publishing portal.

Our vision is to put a book in every hand and build an active network of physical and digital creative communities to strengthen the pillars of knowledge.

Team Daastan

The founding crew

Writing the future

Everyday we move closer to the audacious dreams we dreamt. Our team of literary geeks is rebuilding the foundations of the publishing industry by redefining the ways things were done in past.

Capacity Building

We work with young people to up-skill their creative skills via specialized training and workshops. Thereby, enabling them to join the competitive global workforce.

Career Mapping

We partner with quality brands to bring local and global opportunities worth chasing to writers. Thereby, helping them excel in their careers and earn a sustainable living.

Critically Regulating

We build technology to bring the offline publishing industry and manuscripts online. Thereby, increasing the industry's visibility, accessibility, productivity and service quality.​

Our Focus Areas

A company is as strong as its foundations. We are proud to be the market leaders in the verticals we operate in. Daastan is the most technologically advanced book publishing company of Pakistan with a strong presence in online and offline media. 

Literary Events

We build communities by organizing, powering and partnering quality literary events. We take pride in being an inclusive and safe company and providing quality entertainment.

Book Publishing

We turn every author’s dream to reality i.e. to have their work published in print, to experience the joy of their book launch, and to connect with an audience for their work. 

Content Development

We walk, live, and breathe content. We work with brands to generate content in localized languages across different media. How are you standing out of the crowd today?

Since Dec 2014 to date, we have done everything within our capacity to revive the dying literary industry of Pakistan. We connected the key stake holders digitally and created massive impact. 

Content reach
1 M
~ 1 K
1 +

Customer Reviews

With over five years of consistent excellence where we turned the dreams of hundreds of global authors to reality, we take pride in being the most trustworthy publishing platform with 95% satisfaction rate out of 100.

Their coordination is very humble and relaxing. The quality of work really impressed me and I would highly recommend Daastan to writers and all who are linked with art or writing.
Earlier Pakistani writers could only dream of getting published. Now its easier with the more than supportive team of Daastan which is now more of a family to me. Amazing experience publishing my first book with Daastan.
Their solid commitment to facilitate emerging writers in Pakistan is worth every ounce of praise. Immensely happy and grateful to have my first book published through this commendable publisher that is truly one-of-a-kind in the country.
An excellent publishing house with a team of cheerful people that is ever ready to help emerging writers for the love of literature. Wish you success to infinity and beyond!
A good online approach, where i could handover my data without the fear that it would be stolen. A safe and secure platform.
Daastan has come a long way since they started. And I'am glad to say they improved themselves with every step. Got these reprints and absolutely loving them.
Azra Batool
Published Author

Everything About Book Publishing

Getting published in Pakistan has never been so convenient before. Avail everything related to publishing at one place online, from the convenience of your home.

Memorable Moments

Dreams come true at Daastan. We take pride in enabling authors to chase their dreams. Be it a book launch, fund raising or getting fully funded global trips, we have been the reason someone decided not to quit!

Book Launch of Rhizomatic Literaties @ Plan9
Book Launch of Orooj e Zafar @ NIC Islamabad
Asia Pacific Youth Exchange Thailand Jan 2020
YWWF Penwomen Festival @ Peshawar
Sindh's Youngest Published Author Lareb Soomro's Book Launch
King Edward Literary Festival @ Lahore
Shanakht Peace building Dialogue Series #LiteraryEvenings
Our author with Minister of Culture & Tourism
Book Launch of Dr. Ramsha Babar's Debut Book @ Multan
Narmeen Surahio Urdu Editor Daastan
Qudsia Huzaifa Urdu Editor Daastan
Samin Alam Marketing Manager Daastan
Faryal Zahra Urdu Editor Daastan
Noor Huda Marketing Associate Daastan (1)
Ayesha Rathore Marketing Associate Daastan
Haika Dawood English Editor Daastan

The Team


Syed O. Amer


A visionary carrying a literary legacy who hustles all day to disrupt the writing industry

Hafsa Idrees


An quad-lingual anthropologist who passionately paints and occasionally do radio shows

Sidra Amin


A community builder and fairy godmother of mentor-ship who knows the art of storytelling


A book publishing company who has built Pakistan’s first publishing portal, Qissa (www.meraqissa.com) which supports local languages too. 


Qissa is a platform which anyone can use to satisfy their publishing requirements. Be it a new author looking for a publisher or a business looking for a blogger.


The Stories Untold – A story writing challenge and Literati – South Asian Micro-fiction Award. These programs run annually throughout the year.


Starting from volunteering to deliver awareness sessions in your campus to running a city chapter, there are many ways. Explore more here.

Do you publish for free?

No. As of Jan 2020, we stopped free publishing. You can signup for a free account to READ & REVIEW content but for book publishing, you have to purchase a membership.


We actively support literary activities through whatever way possible. If you are doing something incredible which we can power then talk to us at merasawal@daastan.com

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