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Every human holds a story within. However, a handful of titles make it to the mainstream digital media or the brick and mortar stores.

Skyrocketing costs, limited options and monopoly of some brands have damaged the industry.

Businesses and publishing houses, in general areĀ  unable to find quality authors, gripping content or professional vendors.

Their cost of doing business is rising, risks scaling and profit margins sharply decreasing.

Daastan leverages technology to bring accountability and transparency in publishing industry by interconnecting key stake holders through Qissa – Pakistan’s premier publishing portal.

Our vision is to put a book in every hand and build active network of physical and digital creative communities to strengthen the pillars of knowledge.

Team Daastan


Writing the future

Everyday we move closer to the audacious dreams we dreamt. Our team of literary geeks is rebuilding the foundations of the publishing industry by redefining the ways, things were done in past.

Capacity Building

We work with young people to up-skill their creative skills via specialized training and workshops. Thereby, enabling them to join the competitive global workforce.

Career Mapping

We partner with quality brands to bring local and global opportunities worth chasing to the writers. Thereby, helping them excel in their careers and earn a sustainable living.

Critically Regulating

We build technology to bring the offline publishing industry and manuscripts online. Thereby, increasing the industry's visibility, accessibility, productivity and service quality.

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Everything at one place!


Hire resources who can compile your raw notes into a perfect print ready file for publishing.


Discover designers who can bring your imagination to life through their insane creativity.


Find professional editors who give an honest & constructive feedback to perfect your manuscript.


Receive payments globally from sales of your titles. Publish or list your work with us on 'Qissa'.


Push your work and narratives through our active communities on physical and digital spaces.


Avail corporate content design, development and marketing solutions from our experts.


What exactly is daastan?

A book publishing company who has built Pakistan’s first publishing portal, Qissa (www.meraqissa.com) which supports local languages too.

Is qissa only for new authors?

Qissa is a platform which anyone can use to satisfy their publishing requirements. Be it a new author looking for a publisher or a business looking for a blogger.

what are your flagship programs?

The Stories Untold – A story writing challenge and Literati – South Asian Micro-fiction Award. These programs run annually throughout the year.

How can I be a part of this initiative?

Starting from volunteering to deliver awareness sessions in your campus to running a city chapter, there are many ways. Explore more here.

do you publish for free?

From 2020 on-wards, we have introduced yearly subscription packages. You can signup for a free account to READ & REVIEW content but for publishing, you have to purchase a membership.

How can i partner with you?

We actively support literary activities through whatever way possible. If you are doing something incredible which we can power then talk to us at merasawal@daastan.com

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A story of storytellers ...

Humble Beginnings

From the city of Wah, Pakistan a boy wanted to get published but he couldn’t find a publisher.

He, then founded Daastan …


For five years, he struggled. Slept on floors, camped in office, rebuilt team thrice and almost went bankrupt four times.

However, he survived. Daastan lives on …


He, along with his crew is all set to scale regionally, raise investment and impact millions of lives.

Will you be a hero of our story?

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