Asia Pacific Youth Exchange Thailand

An adventure of a lifetime!

what is asia pacific youth exchange program?

Regional Youth Program for SDGs

Leadership Training

Equips youth with project management, design thinking and research skills. The intensive workshops also deepens the understanding and implementation of SDGs in our daily lives.

Local Immersion

A week long program where the delegates put theory into practice by going into the Thai communities and living with the locals to understand their challenges. Each team proposes tangible ideas.

Youth Symposium

Ideas are validated through mentoring by the professionals from the development sector. All teams exhibit their projects for public voting and present them to the jury who chooses global winners.

About Daastan and APYE Thailand


In 2019, Daastan’s founder, Mr. Syed Ommer Amer went to APYE Thailand as a delegate where he was runners up in the global event. When he came back, he made efforts to enable the deserving young talent from Pakistan to participate in this prestigious program, on a fully funded scholarship.

Daastan became the first and only Pakistani brand to partner with APYE Thailand where we, being the country head interviewed all Pakistani candidates and organized a national finale to choose the official delegate from Pakistan for APYE Thailand 2020.

Mr. Jarrar Haider won the national finale which was held at National Incubation Center, Islamabad in Nov 2019. Out of 50 applicants, only three made it to the grand finale who attended a one day event and competed against each other to win the slot.

APYE Thailand Standee showing Daastan logo and SDGs
Group photo of the global winners of APYE Thailand
Mr Jarrar Haider with a female chinese delegate in traditional costumes
Mr. Jarrar Haider pitching in leadership workshop at APYE Thailand
Mr. Jarrar Haider at the local immersion in Thai Village
Milan Khanal - Entity Coordinator APYE Thailand KHT

During APYE, Mr. Jarrar was on Khao Hin Turn (KHT) site along with us. I found him to be very friendly, intelligent, and hard-working person who always showed interest towards SDGs and social entrepreneurship. The thing which I love the most about him as a coordinator is how he presented his idea and solution clearly to mentors and sought our help for improvement. This is definitely a sign of a person with learning attitudes that we are looking for joining our program.

Milan Khanal

Entity Coordinator, KHT

Past APYE Events

Team peace and Love BSK

In 2019, Syed Ommer Amer represented Pakistan in Asia Pacific Youth Exchange  (APYE) -Thailand. He went to Bang Sa Kae (BSK) and his team name was ‘Team Peace and Love’ <3

Daastan's founder with Thai host APYE Thailand 2019


how can i participate in this program?

Applications for the next year program i.e. APYE Thailand 2021 will open up soon. Subscribe to our newsletter to stay updated regarding such opportunities.

what is the eligibility criteria?

Youth aged 18-28 can participate in the program. Knowledge of SDGs is crucial and having implemented a solution in your local community will give you extra points.

is it free or do i have to pay?

You can apply directly at the APYE Thailand website if you want to cover all your expenses yourself. Daastan organizes a national finale where you can compete to win an all-expenses-paid trip to the program.

what is apye national finale?

Daastan shortlists the applications and provides a two day training program. The finalists then compete against each other to win an all-expenses-paid trip to APYE Thailand which is a two weeks local immersion program.

Ready to be a part of APYE Thailand?

Applications for the Asia Pacific Youth Exchange (APYE) Thailand 2021 will be opening up soon. Sign up to our newsletter to stay updated.