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کتاب “زندگی ایک کرونا” پر تبصرہ

زندگی ایک کرونا مصنف: وقار احمد بخش وقار احمد بخش کی...

کتاب کی اشاعت کے لیے داستان کی سروسز

*آخری ترمیم: ١ مئی، ٢٠٢٢ء* کتاب کی اشاعت کے لیے...

Poetry Workshop: Winter Poetry And How To Write One

The title may be misleading because of course there...

Searing Through Competition to Star as One of the Top 25 in Pakistan Startup Cup Challenge 2016

Daastan sears through competition and rises to the top 25 in the Pakistan Startup Cup Challenge 2016, leaving those who doubted it stunned.

Our Very First Novel “The Forbidden Story” Gets Published through Qissa

Daastan publishes its very first novel, authored by the founder Syed Ommer Amer himself, on its platform Qissa

Signing Our First Contract with Startup.pk

Daastan joins hands with Startup.pk, an initiative which empowers Pakistan's startups and entrepreneurs in becoming future leaders.

Literary Legends of Pakistan

Daastan presents you literary legends of Pakistan. We have compiled...

YWWF Creating The Next Gen Women Leaders

Young Women Writer's Forum (YWWF) Young Women Writer's Forum (YWWF), a...

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