Battling Thalassemia – In Conversation with Medical Specialists

    Daastan spoke with Medical specialists on the prevention of Thalassemia in Pakistan

    Bedtime Stories – A Story Writing Workshop

    Daastan conducted a Short Story Writing Workshop with students of Beaconhouse Satellite Town Rawalpindi - Senior Girls Branch. The workshop was aimed at learning how to build the perfect heroes and villains of today.

    How To Acquire Daastan’s Book Distribution Services

    Daastan provides Book Distribution Services to author and publishers all across Pakistan. Learn more about our terms and conditions.

    Maham Shah Ruminates

    About Maham Shah: Maham Shah graduated with a Bachelors in...

    The Contemporary Spiritual Guru – Aisha Rahat

    Daastan has had a diverse range of authors in these...

    Online Schooling In Pakistan

    A small list of online schooling options in Pakistan for remote learning during Covid-19

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