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The Art of Storytelling

In today’s blog, we at Daastan are sharing with...

In conversation with Ozma Mushtaque

This week at Daastan, we are interviewing another emerging...

In conversation with Safi Ullah Shahwani

In the later part of the last decade, Daastan...

What to buy for book lovers?

The topic of gift-giving has always been a confusing...

Mukhtasir Daastan: Bringing To Light the Writer Hidden in You

Daastan's team offered writing prompts as a unique and convenient way to engage the creativity of our community, and awarded the best written ones with gifts and discounts.

Qissa Flies to New Heights After Getting Upgrades

Qissa Self Publishing upgraded with the incorporation of a Talent Pool featuring the Literary Legends of Daastan and Pakistan.

Daastan’s Awards are Starting to Pile Up:

Daastan rises through the ranks of recognition, and receives acclaim and awards from Connected Pakistan, South Asian Triple Helix Foundation, and Innovative Youth Forum.

Daastan Opens the Gateway to Literary Stardom by Launching its Literary Fellowship

The Literary Fellowship, an innovative project of Daastan, to bring together literary activists from all across the country to work on the revival of literature.

Drawing out tales of Wars Within, in Season Two of “The Stories Untold”

Daastan conducts its second nation wide story writing competition "The Stories Untold", bringing to print the future literary stars of Pakistan.

Daastan Raises the Dying Beacon of Literature and Wins a Grant of 2500 USD from PTX

A delegation consisting of Mr. Syed Ommer Amer, and Mr. Nauman Shahid from Daastan won a grant of 2500 USD to conduct the second season of The Stories Untold. The competition would encourage writers to bring their own experiences forward as lessons.

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