Pakistani Writers

    Award Winning Pakistani Writer – Usman Malik

    Usman Malik is a Pakistani-American writer of mostly short...

    Maham Shah Ruminates

    About Maham Shah: Maham Shah graduated with a Bachelors in...

    The Contemporary Spiritual Guru – Aisha Rahat

    Daastan has had a diverse range of authors in...

    Rawish Ali Tirmizi and Her Enchanting Love Story

    This is an unconventional Love Story that you're about...

    Daastan X Stories To Action Facebook Live Show

    Daastan announced its thematic campaign on June 1st,...

    Daastan’s Struggle for Tolerance

    Daastan was part of a consultative meeting that debated the role of social media and cyber laws in bringing about and retaining change in society. The meeting brought together some of the best minds in Pakistan together.

    South Asian Award for Micro Fiction–Literati

    A short story competition was conducted by Daastan in collaboration with White Falcon Publishing and Outcast Magazine. It received a large number of submissions and top 20 finalists were selected from more than 100 submissions.

    Our Vision of Putting Books in Every Hand

    Daastan collaborated with Books and Beyond in Hyderabad and sponsored freebies at their book club event to generate reader interest.

    How Daastan Came Into Being

    This is the story of Daastan-- from tech incubation to becoming one of the biggest faces in the publishing business.

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