The people who makes things happen!

Nothing great in this world was ever achieved alone. It is always the people who build great companies. All the spectacular work that you see happening all around you, powered by Daastan is a result of the efforts of the following people. We call ourselves Da’Knights of Daastan – the best minds of Pakistan’s book publishing industry leading a literary revolution.

Da'Knights | Advisory Board

Zahin Hussain

Consultant UNDP

A passionate Canadian who loves supporting early-stage entrepreneurs in emerging markets. With six years of working in Asian markets and renowned impact-focused South Korean incubator, she helps startups find and validate their business models. Zahin volunteers her time as a Techstars Startup Weekend organizer and a business coach for the Cartier Women's Initiative.

Da'Knights | Management Board

Syed Ommer Amer

Founder and CEO

He defines himself as a man on a mission to rebuild the foundations of Pakistan's literary space. Globally acclaimed award winning social entrepreneur who loves discovering new cultures, featuring local stories and spending time with cause-based visionaries.

Samin Alam

Content Manager

A creative professional and photojournalist who is a strong proponent of women's health rights. She specializes in blending technology and art to narrate stories. With dreams to retire as a curator of an art gallery, she spends her free time cooking and listening to old music.

Narmeen Surahio

Editor-in-Chief (Urdu)

Founder Kitabi Vibes who also presides over the local chapter of Young Women’s Writers Forum. She is published author who mobilizes the community for social causes. Her works explicitly boasts of her bookish tendency and interestingly, owns a small library.

Summaiya Naveed

Editor-in-Chief (English)

A published author and an English Linguistics grad who is passionate about promoting Pakistani authors. Summaiya is an aspiring bookstagrammar who reviews and photographs books. She spends her leisure time travelling.

Anum Ameer

Design Lead

A design professional working in the intersection of tech, design and people. She masters design principles and breaks them creatively using modern design tools to create stunning artworks. She often counsels and trains women to become financially independent.

Qaiser Ehsan

Printing Lead

A veteran with decades of hands-on experience of printing and publishing content on multiple media. He specializes in delivering economical printing solutions using local resources. In his free time, he loves hiking, travelling or doing yoga.

Da'Knights | Marketing Board

Noor ul Huda

Marketing Associate

A gold medalist literary grad who is passionate about writing. She critically devours books and uses the power of her pen to change the narrative for women in her society. In her free time, she loves to paint and bake.

Noor ul Huda Tahir

Marketing Associate

Founder of Dorr - Thread of Kindness, a social enterprise focused at upskilling the underprivileged community. She is an aspiring educationist and a published author who dreams of building an enlightened and a tolerant community.

Ayesha Mukhtar Rathore

Marketing Associate

Founder of Bolan Literary Club which promotes writers and culture of Balochistan. Ayesha is a renowned public speaker who actively advocates for the rights of women and children. Her dream is to make education accessible for all.

Da'Knights | Editorial Board

Faryal Zehra

Urdu Editor

Faryal is a professional editor and translator who has not only edited manuscripts but also worked on content assignments for the corporate sector. She is an avid reader who enjoys spending time with her colleagues over a cup of tea.

Haika Dawood

English Editor

A passionate artist dreaming to be an animator by conjoining technology with art to explore narrative storytelling behind artistic works. In her free time, this coffee-holic woman likes to bake.

Faiqa Dawood

English Editor

An engineer with a strong penchant for reading and writing. She is passionate about the environment and plans on using her education to work towards a sustainable future for everyone. Outside her research in the lab, Faiqa enjoys swimming, laying back in the sun with a good book, or being around her friends and family.

Qudsia Huzaifa

Urdu Editor

A mom-preneur passionate about Urdu literature who founded Sinf-e-qavi, an Urdu health magazine for women. She loves to read poetry more than anything. She dreams of healing the broken souls through her words.

Life at Daastan is extremely dynamic and demanding. We are renowned for doing things which others can not. If you are someone fed up of fitting into the society's defined job roles and are looking to do something out-of-the-box then speak to us at