Eid Milan featuring Tints of Joy

Eid is one occasion that everybody deserves to spend with their families and loved ones. It is a day dedicated purely to distributing love (and meat, of course :P)! People all around the world get together to celebrate by wearing new clothes, buying bangles and of course, applying mehndi. While Eid brings happiness, it is an extra lonely day for those who do not have families around them. Tints of Joy has taken it upon themselves to look out for those who are having a hard time.

eid milan with Tints of Joy


Daastan X Tints of Joy

About a year ago, Kinza from Tints of Joy approached Daastan with the intention to publish coloring books that she had worked on for months. After thorough discussions of what Daastan and Tints of Joy wanted out of the publication, we finally published the books. A week ago, on Eid ul Azha, those books were distributed in two different orphanages- Mera Ghar, Islamabad & Aasra Pakistan.

art courses tints of joyA group of volunteers took out time from their Eid to make sure that these children can make beautiful memories. Tints of Joy provided A5 sized fun-filled coloring books that were distributed by the volunteers. These volunteers continued to spend the day at the orphanage providing a warm and homely feeling on a joyous occasion. We, at Daastan, are particularly delighted that we were able to help in such a wonderful cause.


About Tints of Joy

Tints of Joy was established in August 2020 by Kinza Asif with the sole purpose of children benefitting from her work- mostly these children would be from underprivileged backgrounds who did not have a lot of means for learning.

Tints of Joy team with children

Tints of joy mainly organize Online Art Courses and this time they have designed coloring books for kids. These books contain kids Favorite Cartoon Characters illustrations and they are like a short course itself. Kids color their favorite character, and read about the description about that cartoon. Children can have fun while also learning knowledge and new skills. Tints of Joy is conducting many online art courses for beginners including
Sketching and Drawing course
Oil painting course
Mandala Art Course
Acrylic painting Course
Creative Writing Course for kids
Arabic calligraphy course.

All of these courses are designed for beginners having no prior knowledge about art. Any one having passion to learn art, despite gender or age can join. Mother’s can even join and enhance their creativity at home

Kinza’s Noble Mission

The platform that this organization has provided caters children from all over, regardless of their education, gender or class privilege. Kinza has established something that is her contribution to goodwill as well as a huge space for artists to grow.

eid milan party‘Our mission is to establish arts in Pakistan as a major facilitator for children and young people to realize and achieve their dreams- through innovative art courses & creative learning opportunities. Our vision is to empower children and young people from all socio economic and ethnic groups through the use of arts. We value art as the most powerful medium to facilitate the dreams of each child and inspire them to turn their dreams into reality,’ says Kinza.

Art as an Expression

It gives us great pleasure to see more and more people finding their voice through art. For years and years, our society had deemed art to be somewhat inferior & we’re all in for breaking those stereotypical thinking! Kinza too, who is currently doing mbbs, found her voice through art.

To learn more about the courses Tints of Joy is offering, you can get in touch with them on their Instagram page. We encourage all our readers to do what empowers them, and we hope and pray for your artistic success!

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