“Hodder: the Brave” by Amaima Binte Farhan

Amaima Binte Farhan is a young Pakistani writer who loves writing and art. Writing is also a form of art that she knows how to describe beautifully. She started her career as an artist and has won many prizes. She was a young girl who took part in several competitions and won a Daastan membership card as well. That’s when she decided to explore the world of writing.

Her first book was “Life is an Art,”, which was a combination of her writing and art skills. Although she couldn’t publish it yet, she didn’t lose hope. After much hard work and a collection of many fantasy ideas, she wrote her second book “Hodder: The Brave.”.

“Hodder: The Brave” is a fantasy story about the protagonist Hodder. The story’s setting is Korea, which shows her unique writing style. You will find this uniqueness in the characters as well, e.g., Hodder.

If we examine the character of Hodder, we will see his hair is half black and half white, and he has a positive and negative mind, as mentioned in the text below:

“Hodder had two colored hairs; his half head was white, where the brain was negative, and the other half was black, where the brain was positive.” The description of the first character is revealed.

The author has written this book as a fantasy for children, and to make it more interesting, she has introduced several characters as well. She has written characters in such a way that will help children distinguish between good and bad people and right and wrong situations.

You will also find out how friendship can make or ruin a person’s life. Hodder’s friends play a significant role in his life. They also help him achieve his most desired dream.

In the last lines of this novel, the author has tried to give a lesson to her audience: we shouldn’t look down upon people who are a little bit different from us.

“So, my beautiful reader! As I told you at the beginning of the story, every person with a weird soul has a different and mysterious life.”

To wind up the discussion, “Hodder: The Brave” is a fine story specially written for children, but it will also entertain people of every age. A mysterious fantasy book that delights your mood.

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