Interview with the Famous Ayesha Muzaffar of Abus Jinns

Ayesha Muzaffar And Her Jinn Stories

Ayesha Muzaffar is a Pakistani writer who uses her Instagram account to write stories of jinn encounters that will make you doubt whether they’re pieces of fiction. If you want a story that will make the hair on your arm stand as straight as a stick, head over to her Instagram now! Ayesha Muzaffar wrote her first book- Abu’s Jinns and it would not be an understatement to say that it kept me up all night! Her new book ‘Jinnistan’ is up for pre-booking and we cannot wait.

What was your first ever piece of work titled? What was it about and what was it inspired by? How old were you when you wrote it?

The first ever story I wrote was called “Wou aurat“. It was written at the back of my Urdu literature copy in grade 9 and I also got in trouble for it. The teacher at CJM found it to be disturbing and called my parents to see if everything was good at home. The story was a fragment of my imagination. Though my mother was furious, my father got me McDonald’s and we laughed it out on our way home. I have been writing since I could hold a pencil – I had this purple stretchable rubber pencil and I scribbled down short stories with it. However I never got to name those.

What inspires you to write a new piece? Is it different every time?

Everything inspires me at times. I could go to Jalal sons to pick up bread and come back with a story in my mind. And there are times when people would narrate the most horrifying tales and I wouldn’t get inspired. Meetha really helps. My sister runs a bakery. I need to have meetha with me at all times to write.

Readers are curious about the continuation of Freaky Friday series. Are you going to continue it? If so, why did you stop?

I stopped because I fell sick. I had recently gotten married and it took a toll on my mental health and shaadi shuda life. I was advised not to go down that road. Someday I’ll complete it – when I’m stronger – and also when the story wants itself to be written.

How would you describe your writing style? I personally love how you visualise a story for the reader.

I think I’ve never really had an appropriate writing style. It doesn’t fit and hardly are the rules of literature followed. If there’s something common in all my pieces – it’s the use of Pakistani culture and traditions wrapped around the words. Hence to some it’s another boring desi tale, but to many, it’s relatable and a source of goose bumps. We have tedious lives – we deserve a jump scare or two.

What do you do when you have a writer’s block?

I eat meetha. Gulab jamun dipped in sheera. Donuts glazed in happiness.

When did you decide you’re going to pursue writing? What made you decide it?

I guess a part of me always knew that I was meant to make love to a pen. It’s something that comes naturally. Why go against nature? I may not be the best at it, but it is what keeps me sane, intact and happy.

Being an author yourself, what’s your favourite novel of the same genre?

Oh I can’t name it. It’s by a friend of a friend’s great grandfather and it has been banned. I had to get it translated. It boggles one’s mind and I don’t think anyone can come close to writing the stories of the unseen as he has done. I couldn’t finish it but I loved it – if that makes sense.

We’re all very excited for Jinnistan! What can you tell us about it as of right now? What motivated you do start it? How is it structured?

It’s somewhere stuck between the rains and the flooded rooms of Karachi. I hope that it’ll be here soon. It’s ready you know. Dressed in a shiny cover and all, waiting to be devoured. As far as the structure is concerned, it contains a series of short stories set in the streets of Pakistan.

We at Daastan 100% recommend Ayesha Muzaffar’s books. Go get your copy today and prepare yourself for some sleepless nights ahead. Wishing luck to Ayesha and all her jinns of all her upcoming books!

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