Secret of Colors by Shazia Farrukh

Secret of Colors

It has been established that reading a book to your children helps with their cognitive development. However, this activity also assists parents in developing an intimate bond with them. Reading stories aloud to your child is a practice that is common in almost every family, no matter which culture or ethnicity they belong to. Reading has been proven to be one of the best ways through which children acquire important life skills and strengthen their creative thinking abilities. Even for a very young child, merely looking at the bright photographs in a book leads to cognitive development. 

The book, Secret of Colors, written by Shazia Farrukh, contributes to child development. For example, the very first phrase of the book is that “Mimi is a sweet little bird.” Mimi, the main character, is the one our young readers will resonate with. That sentence is fairly easy to understand and reinforces a positive image in the minds of children. It sets their chain of thoughts on a positive track.

In addition to that, the book is thoroughly embedded with visual illustrations, which are essential for ensuring that their imaginative capabilities and understanding of words and letters are boosted. These illustrations allow them to deeply understand the messages laid out in the book, and the Secret of Colors does a stellar job of providing the readers with an immediate vision. 

Having said that, the primary theme written down in Secret of Colors is the importance of helping. The crux of this theme is explained in the lines: “After many attempts, Pim says to herself, ‘Let me ask Mimi for help!’ This is a very good idea. ” Firstly, we notice that Pim was unable to produce the unique combination of colors on her own. Although she followed Mimi in the forest, she was unable to figure out the exact recipe. It introduces the idea that not every time we can accomplish everything on our own. Secondly, the decision to ask Mimi for help was very important, which inculcates the idea of taking a stand. This decision is then positively met by the reinforcement that it is a very good idea. The lesson children learn is that asking for help does not demean them. However, the first step is to try to do it yourself, and then eventually accept your shortcomings. We base this theory on the simple idea of making the world easier and better for everyone else around them. Mimi achieved this by beautifying their homes by offering her services and resources. 

Moreover, the book does not cater to moral development only; it also explains the scientific principle of basic color mixing as established in the title “Secret of Colors”. Hence, this book also assists children academically. For example, the mixing of blue and yellow to make green is explicitly stated in the book, which makes it easy to understand. Secondly, the science behind purple is also explained. When Mimi mixes blue with red, a magic reaction leads to the color purple.

This book is a well-rounded attempt at educating children; it provides them with illustrated visuals, a moral lesson, and a scientific theory. The book, Secret of Colors, goes a long way to helping its young readers learn lessons that shall forever stay with them.

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