The Song of Waves by Ayesha Khalid

Aysha Khalid is a Turkish poet, she does not believe in the boundaries of language to express herself or her imagination. That’s the reason, she has chosen a Pakistani publishing company ‘Daastan’ to publish her collection of poems.

“The song of waves” consists of Ayesha’s beautifully written poems. In this book, she has used multiple images to express her feelings. In each poem, you will find her love for love, nature, and birds. Everything is well-kitted and described in a sense that even a common person can understand it.

Although “The song of waves” is a Turkish poetry book; written by a Turkish writer, because of the translation of every piece of poetry, you can easily grab the rhythm and themes of the poems.

One of the main themes of this book is Love, which according to the poet can not be expressed in the form of words as it is said by the poet herself:

Love cannot be described in words, because the unseen blesses the unspoken … give ear to the tales of water that fell in love with fire …

In this book of poems, love is expressed in different forms, sometimes expressed by the nightingale, sometimes by the Saqi, and sometimes in the form of nature. After reading this book, you will find out that this book is not about mere love between two people. It is the love that is present everywhere.

It is the love that is present in the depth of the sea to the top of mountains, it is present everywhere, from the pearls of seeps to the most ordinary thing in the world. 

In a few of the poems, the poetess has tried to describe life according to her thoughts.


Translation(My opponent)


My opponent is waiting for my death.

 They are trying to make my life miserable.

 O heedless one! The lover does not die

 If you are a human being, life is cruel,  if you are a mufti, life is a test,

 If you are a lover, your life is God. Tisk! The ignorant can not see!

 What is the use of an ink-free pen? What is the use of legs that can’t stand? 

Your words are meaningless, your heart is without love, 

What harm can you do to Aziz? Your unhappiness is irreversible

Winding up the whole discussion, “The song of waves” reflects the poetess’s feelings, which she wants to share with her readers. So if you want to read this book; check out Daastan’s website and grab your copy.

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