Carving Out Opportunities  – Daastan’s Freelance Writing Wing

Carving Out Opportunities – Daastan’s Freelance Writing Wing

Forming an Army of Writers

After successfully providing publishing opportunities to thousands of national and international writers, team Daastan decided to dig deeper into the writing niche. We thought what else could help writers earn money through their skill. We found that one of the biggest and untapped niches in Pakistan was the freelance market! However, while there was a huge demand for freelance content by both established and new organizations, only a handful of individuals were actually availing these opportunities.

We found that surprising and after some research realized that there was a lack of communication between companies and writers. A large number of writers were willing to work, but they did not know how to look for jobs and those who did were disappointed with the apparent lack of work. We decided to fix that and so launched Daastan Freelance Wing-– a less-competitive freelance marketplace exclusively for Pakistani writers.

Daastan’s Role

Daastan was able to connect writers with career opportunities. We helped writers monetize their consequently creating a name for themselves in their respective professional fields. In its first year, the freelance wing saw an overwhelming number of writers signing up.

Writing encompasses all fields, which means that we were able to create opportunities for career growth for individuals in a number of different fields. These included Literature, Finance, Medicine, Sports and more. Our army of writers was building up which resulted in an increase in numbers day after day.

Impact of Freelance Wing

We ran a 12-month prototype and initially had 20 active freelancers.  Catering to over 30 clients in 10+ countries, our writers were able to finish 105 orders in a short period of time and earn an approx. 5000 Rs, per month. By the end of the year, our freelance family had grown from 20 to 70+ active freelancers strong. We reached a point where we were distributing 1.5 to 2 lac rupees per month in the team. With such numbers in hand we decided to go public and opened a beta version of Daastan’s Freelance Marketplace.

A total of 55 positions were opened for the beta access wing initially, with 15 slots for Engineering, 14 for Finance, 5 for Medical, 13 for Arts and Humanities and 8 for Literature. Today, Daastan’s Freelancers cater to a large number of local and global clients with professional and engaging content, edited to perfection for a lasting impact.

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