Harf Nagar

A Content Digitizing Company


By Sameen Aziz

Literary Activist @ Daastan

About Founder

The Journey

Sameen Aziz

I am a bibliophile who cared a bit too much about designs, fine detailing and finishing. Design Perfectionist would be the best word to describe me. For me, book composing was an always an art which fascinated me since childhood.

Little I knew that this passion will turn into a brand that would become the hope of writers to digitize their work.

This is my story …

This is Harf Nagar’s tale

The Projects We Did

Hazrat Zaka is an Urdu poet who stayed behind in India during the Indo-Pak partition 1947. He penned this book in 1940s. Daastan secured rights to republish the ‘long forgotten literary heritage’ of Urdu language.

This is where we came in. My team digitized the entire scanned manuscript timely and provided a print ready file which accelerated the publishing process.

A media platform Arre ran a campaign to highlight the issues faced by an eminent Urdu poet, Asrar Jamayee who was mistakenly declared dead by the govt. His life was in crisis. Daastan reached out and sponsored the publishing costs of his unpublished manuscript titled ‘Tanz Paaray‘.

I am honored that my brand ‘Harf Nagar’ was given the honor to digitize his manuscript.

What We Specialize In?

Our Services

Print Ready Files

Provide us raw manuscript in soft form and we deliver print ready PDF file in required format.


Content Digitization

Provide us manuscript in hard form (paper) or soft form (pictures) and we deliver in soft form (Inpage/Ms Word)


Custom Solutions

Do you have something different in mind which is not mentioned here? Talk to us for custom digitizing solutions.