Meet Our Literary Activists

The literary sensations in town

Debut Batch


Aroosa Mushtaq

Aroosa was featured in PTV World’s Show ‘World This Morning‘ where she shared her experience how fellowship helped her land a job.

Kiran Ashraf

She is an experienced education consultant and career counselor. After graduation, she was hired by Synergyzer as content creator.

Mahnoor Naseer

She co-founded The Ancient Souls, was hired in Daastan‘s core team. Currently, serves as the head of English Editorial and Publishing Wing.

Areesh Fatmee

TEDx speaker, award winning debater and the youngest Pakistani free verse poetry writer. We hired her as Director PR after her graduation.

Armin Bilquis

Armin is Daastan’s Youngest Literary fellow who published her English poetry collection titled ‘Melted Kaleidoscopes‘ at the age of 20.

Romessa Ahmad

She is an engineer who resolved our technical issues and soon after graduation, she was invited as ‘Guest of Honor’ in SpeakLit Fest.

Batch Two


Fatema Bhaiji

Fatema Bhaiji founded Outcast Magazine for lgbtq+ community which was featured by Common Wealth Writers.

Arooha Arif

English editor who founded a book club ‘Leaves‘ and won a medal in National Story Writing Contest by The News International.

Sameen Aziz

A bibliophile deeply in love with photography and design who launched a brand named ‘Harf-e-nagar’ to enable writers to digitize their work.

Sadia Gul Kasi

A Literary Grad who launched a magazine to showcase Balochi culture, people and traditions. Was hired as Assistant English Editor @ Daastan.

Mashaal Arifullah

Published researcher, critic and marketeer who was hired as ‘Manager Partnerships’ at Daastan to amplify our offline reach.

Alina Ahmed Abdul Salam

Polyglot specializing in editing literary works. Trains SEO specialists at DigiKrypton. Book nerd allergic to social media.

Qudsia Huzaifa

A mother who is passionate about showcasing the Urdu literature and writers. She was hired to lead the Urdu Editorial at Daastan.

Hassan Mir

Finalist of ‘The Stories Untold – Season 2‘ whose witty marketing skills helped him get a job as social media manager of Daastan

Wajeeha Zia

Having a degree in design, she exhibited insane Branding skills through infographics for ‘Meet the Author‘ series

Diya Khan Baloch

Teacher. Published author who primarily writes children fiction. Researching on ‘how to succeed as a script writer in Pakistan’.

Maria Qibtia

Foodie and travel junkie Communication designer who designed stunning book covers and infographics for ‘Meet the Author‘ series

Rimsha Qazi

Med-school fighter, published author who helped preserve a long forgotton literary work of a Pakistan poet ‘Hazrat Zaka’

Syeda Aleena

An award winning public speaker who is banker by profession. She markets Urdu literature published by Daastan.

Zoha Khan

A Mass Communications expert who is a certified Grammar Nazi and a trenchant critic. Putting together a cult of  literary activists.

Affaf Sheikh

Urdu editor. Pharmacist. Digitizer who contributed in digitizing the manuscript of a long forgotten Pakistan poet ‘Hazrat Zaka’


Maham Syedain

English editor, poet and a clinical psychologist who won a medal in National Story Writing Contest by The News International.