Terms and Conditions

Project Payment

  1. 80% of the project price will go to writer ONLY and only if your work is good enough. Rest of the 20% will be reserved by Daastan as commission.
    Base rate will be Rs. 1 for the professional writers and Rs. 0.5 – 0.7 for the beginners.

Work Acceptance Criteria

  1. The writer has to personally assure that he/she put in necessary time, concern and skill to complete the assignment. Once you submit the work, it is sent to client for approval. It takes about three days to approve. Once approved, your payment will added to your dashboard.
    If the teacher rejects it, it is not our concern. However, if the client mentions / requests revision then writer has to provide at max. three (03) revisions and ensure that all points raised by the client are met and in due time. Failure to do so will result in cancellation of the project and we will not compensate you for it.
    In case of dispute, the decision of Daastan will be final and unchallengable! Just ensure good work and we will ensure good payments.

Payment Date and Mode

  1. Payment Time: Payments will be sent on monthly basis by Daastan for the approved work. All the academic work assignments which you will do and have approved status by 30th of each month will be paid in full by 10th of next month via payment mode which you will choose.
  2. Payment Mode: Available options are Bank Transfer and Mobile Commerce Solutions like Easy Paisa etc.
    For example you did an assignment of 12,000 Rs and its status was approved on 28th April and you placed a withdrawal request on 30th April then by 10th May that amount will be deposited to you.

Writer Dashboard

  1. Once you sign up, we will provide you with a dashboard on our website. The link and password will be emailed to you and you can login to VIEW the project status, EDIT your details and PLACE a payout request.

Withdrawing Money

  1. There is a button titled ‘Request Payout’ on your dashboard. You have to place a request via that form. You will only be paid IF AND ONLY IF you placed a request before 30th of the month.These are the possible cases
    -> Payout Request Placed: 29th Apr | We process it and dispatch your payout by 10th May
    -> Payout Request Placed: 2nd May | We process it and dispatch your payout by 10th June
    -> Payout Request Placed: 22nd May | We process it and dispatch your payout by 10th June

    So make sure that you request in time. If you get late then you will receive the payout next month.

  2. Payout Tax: For each payout withdrawn, a small tax of Rs 200 is deducted per withdrawal which is used to develop the portal and cover up operating costs. You can withdraw ONLY once per month according to the procedure described above.

Work Approval

  1. Once you submit the work, it is emailed to client who will approve it. It takes a minimum of seven (07) to 10 days to get ONE project approved. Please be patient in this regard! Once approved, your dashboards will be updated!

Work Rejection

  1. Plagiarized work be rejected straightaway. Avoid using spinbot tools or copying data from internet. We use Turnitin and Plagiarism Checker X tools to scan the content. If your work is found to be plagiarized, it will be rejected and you will be required to revise it. Failure to send in a revision in time will result in rejection of work and you will not be compensated for it.

Work Ethics

  1. You are very fortunate to be in the team, we do not accept everyone and we believe in having the best lot with us. In any way you MUST NOT outsource the work form this group to any other person. When you take a project, you are meant to complete it YOURSELF. If at any point in time, we found that you violated this, we will remove you without notice. We trust you and expect you to work diligently.

Work Volume

You can ONLY take ONE PROJECT at a time. Choose only the one that you believe you can complete with perfection.

Giving Up Work

Assuming there is some emergency and you can not complete the work you took, update at earliest via dropping a comment in group, messaging us on facebook, emailing us or calling us. Do not wait till the last moment. It creates a management crisis for us and results in losing a client. We will not tolerate such behavior.


If you continue to perform poorly i.e. plagiarizing content, missing deadlines or being unresponsive. Initially, we will deduct a certain amount from your project budget as a penalty. You will be coached about what your mistakes were and how you can improve them.
Failure to improve repeatedly will result in removal from group with account and all earnings suspended. We work very hard to bring in projects and if you can not seriously work on them then you don’t belong here.


I have personally seen all the work of client and rest assured that as always, we will continue to ensure transparency in all steps because we are chasing a vision of reviving literature in Pakistan and together with your support, love and trust we will achieve it!
We have also secured and bought accounts on international platforms to pool in work for you guys. We will continue to empower you and drive max. benefit as much as we can. We need your support to grow this platform.


We will be continuously training you guys to upgrade your skillset and increase your efficiency. Your utmost cooperation in this aspect is requested to ensure that we have the best of best lot. Only then we can bring in work at higher rates. You would be required to be responsive, cooperative and coachable during your tenure with us.

Data usage

  1. Data Usage : Every member is required to fill up the basic registration form provided to you upon your acceptance in group.
    1. You agree to provide authentic information so we can coordinate with you (if needed).
    2. You allow Daastan to use your information regarding skills to secure more work. In any case, Daastan will not share your personal details (name, phone, email id and address) with any third party without your consent.
    3. You also allow Daastan to use the work written by you in their portfolio to secure more work for the freelance team.

Content Rights

  1. Content Rights : Once you submit the work, you give all rights to Daastan. You can not publish the work anywhere in any form. If found, strict legal action would be taken against you.

These terms and conditions are to be accepted as a whole. Failure to accept will result in termination from group. Daastan reserves the right to change these rules and regulations anytime. It is your responsibility to check them regularly to avoid any inconvenience.