With Qissa nearing its second anniversary soon, and having published more than 200 books in 13 genres, written by authors spread out all over the world with active participation from 17 countries, Daastan happened upon a gem of a find. It came in the shape of Ms. Ramsha Babar, a doctor to be who had written a book about mental health, or more specifically schizophrenia, and wanted to publish it via Qissa.

Qissa Becomes the Hub of Previously Unvoiced Stories:

Over the years, our major focus in terms of the content we published had been to ensure that the whatever work we received was, first of all, of premium quality. Along with that, another one of our chief concerns was to publish content that challenged the wrong conventions in our society and delivered stories of the exceptions who not only stood their ground against these horrors, but also helped others by raising their voice and spreading awareness about it. It was due to this very reason that Daastan recurrently launched The Stories Untold with themes that forced people to pause and think about our maligned traditions that transgressed against basic human rights. Qissa featured books about the abused, the ostracized, and the discarded, to humanize them and in turn help them make a place for themselves in this society

Humanizing Schizophrenia:

With her book Broken Winged Birds”, Ms. Ramsha helped us further our cause. The book, inspired from her personal life, highlighted the symptoms and behavior of a person suffering from the dreadful condition of schizophrenia, and above all brought to light the fact that they could be treated and cured. The protagonist, after seeing visions and losing consciousness for a few days, finds herself in a mental health institution, only to discover that her family has given her up for lunacy. The book is a roller coaster ride in which all the essential components of one’s life; religion, science, society and the stigmas regarding mental health we have to wade through every day, are brought to the front and seamlessly woven into a tale of education and awareness. Her work is carefully written combining technical medical knowledge with literature.

The novel, after raising 20,000 PKR, was brought into print just a few months after the author got in touch with us. It was later on featured on platforms such as Doctor’s Tribune, and The Humorists, who applauded the effort of the writer and her work. 

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