Daastan Joins Hands with Al-Huda International

Daastan Joins Hands with Al-Huda International

The establishment of Daastan was not just a step towards bringing the writers of Pakistan to get themselves recognized, rather also to utilize and improve the education sector of Pakistan. Our foremost mission was to spread knowledge and for this , we welcomed every opportunity to engage and positively modify the current state of education. Our Founder, Mr. Syed Ommer Amer, collaborated with Al-Huda to engage children in a different learning experiece. Mr Ommer has been writing stories to attract children to learn in unconventional ways. A previous example of this was the animated series Teetoo and Tania, aired on PTV, the script of which was written by Mr. Ommer himself.

Daastan x Al-Huda:

Therefore, we acquired the chance to partner with Al-Huda International in Wah Cantt. The team of Daastan generated tailored content, which aimed to enhance the learning experience of the 700+ students enrolled in the school. We wanted to promote learning through storytelling, which would thoroughly capture the interest of students listening and therefore learn from the story.

Mr. Ommer on Color Day in Al Huda Int. Wah Cant., narrating his story

Painting the World with Words:

Daastan ran its first prototype of this vision of proliferation of knowledge through stories, on more than a hundred students. The tale which was read to them was titled “Bakhshu Mian”. The story was written and read by Mr Ommer Amer himself. It was a treasure trove which highlighted the importance of being grateful for the blessings endowed upon us. The recital was aptly written for the “Color Day” theme which was being celebrated in the school. The story taught students moral values in order to help them recognize their privileges over others.

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