Terms and Conditions


  1. The minimum/starting rate of each writer is Rs 0.5 per word for an error free original quality work. Once we get more good clients through your active contribution we will increase the basic rate. Our mission is to ensure that we pay you at least Rs. 1.5 to 2 per word.


  1. Timelines need to be adhered at all costs. If you fail to deliver by the deadline, we do not guarantee payment. We trust you with quality and you trust us with payment. If you don’t hold up your end of the deal then please don’t complain later.


  1. Payment Methods : We prefer payment through Bank Account. However, we also deliver payouts via EasyPaisa or other mobile commerce solutions.
  2. Payout Threshold : Min. Payment threshold is Rs. 5000/- (which roughly equates to twenty (20) 500 word articles. If you do one daily, you can easily earn 5k by the end of month)
    • Once you reach 5000 we will pay you exact 5000 without deducting a single rupee. In any case, we will not give a pay out less than this.
    • If you quit before reaching your payment threshold or if you leave the group or are expelled due to violations of terms and conditions listed here, your pending payment will be with held.
  3. Payment Fee : If you are withdrawing money via Easy Paisa or other mobile commerce solution then associated transaction fee will be deducted at your end. In case of transfer via Bank Account there is no fee involved.Please note that if you have earned Rs. 10,000/- or more through our platform then a nominal Rs. 50/- normal withdrawal tax is deducted per withdrawal. Condition applies to both payment methods i.e. Bank Transfer and also Mobile Commerce Solutions like Easy Paisa. Consider the following examples to understand how we pay and what we charge!

    Example 1: Requesting via Bank Account: Ali joins Daastan and earns Rs. 5000/- and requests a payout via Bank transfer. He will get Rs. 5000/- in his account without any deduction. He keeps working and earns 5000/- again and now his total earnings through Daastan are Rs. 10,000/- Now when he withdraws the money via Bank Account, he gets Rs. 4950/- (Rs. 50/- withdrawal tax was deducted). If he keeps on working and withdrawing then per withdrawal he will be charged Rs. 50/-

    Example 2: Requesting via Easy Paisa: Ahsan joins Daastan but doesn’t have a bank account and he works with Daastan and earns Rs. 5000/- and requests a payout via Easy Paisa. He will get (Rs. 5000 – Easy Paisa Fee). However he keeps on working and earns Rs. 5000/- his total earnings through Daastan now are Rs. 10,000/- and if he requests a payout via Easy Paisa again now he will get (Rs. 5000 – Easy Paisa Charges) – Rs. 50/-. This situation will remain the same for future withdrawals!

  4. Requesting a Payout: You can request a payout from your dashboard. No matter what, we will not dispatch your payout if you haven’t placed the request via your dashboard.
  5. Payout Time: There are two options for you to choose from
    • Normal Delivery: Rs. 50/- Withdrawal Tax. is charged if your total earnings are greater than equal to Rs. 10,000/- and it takes 7-10 days for us to process your request and dispatch your payout.
    • Urgent Delivery: Rs. 500/- Withdrawal Tax is charged and it takes 3-5 days for us to process your request and dispatch your payout.
      • You can not request an urgent delivery if it’s your first payout!


  1. Revision : By accepting the job, you consent to offer one revision (if requested). If you still deliver substandard work then your payment for the work will not be counted. We are known in market for delivering excellence in time and in no way we compromise on our ideals.
  2. Work Delivery : The articles submitted by you needs to be emailed to admin with the subject line [Order #] Article_Name. Failure to adhere to this format will result in a warning. After three (03) warnings Rs. 20 will be deducted not following the pattern.
  3. Work Volume : Each writer can take ONLY ONE project. Once you deliver it, only then you can bid for next project.
  4. Order Confirmation : Once you deliver the work, it is sent to client for approval. It takes two (02) to three (03) days to get it approved. You will only be paid for the approved work. If, for any reason client rejects your work. You will not be paid for it.
  5. Formatting : We expect you to have basic Ms Word Skills and provide us properly formatted work. If you beleive that you need to brush up your skills. Please use these help materials to hone your skills.

User Dashboard

  1. Dashboard  Details: Once you submit your first article then you are given a dashboard with User ID, Password and Dashboard Link. You are requested to keep them safe to ensure prevention of unauthorized access.
  2. Work Tracking : You can ‘view’ your work progress, tasks completed and pending payment through your dashboard.
  3. Edit Details : You can update your profile information through your dashboard. It takes about 24-72 hours to process your request and update the information.

Dispute Resolution

  1. Dispute Resolution : You can file your complaints to us and request a review. In any case the decision of Daastan will be unchallengable and final in all regards.


  1. Harassment : Abusive language or harassing group members will not be tolerated and will result in immediate removal from group without any notification and all pending payments will be withheld.

Work Allotment

  1. Work Allotment : The admin will post the daily writing gigs along with deadline. The first person to comment gets the job. However, if you fail to deliver the work in time specified or in any case you can not complete it. Please inform the admin at earliest so we can arrange a substitute in time. If two persons want the same job then the one who commented first gets it, however if the person wants to give the gig to other member then the ‘admin’ need to be notified.

Data usage

  1. Data Usage : Every member is required to fill up the basic registration form provided to you upon your acceptance in group.
    1. You agree to provide authentic information so we can coordinate with you (if needed).
    2. You allow Daastan to use your information regarding skills to secure more work. In any case, Daastan will not share your personal details (name, phone, email id and address) with any third party without your consent.
    3. You also allow Daastan to use the work written by you in their portfolio to secure more work for the freelance team.

Content Rights

  1. Content Rights : Once you submit the work, you give all rights to Daastan. You can not publish the work anywhere in any form. If found, strict legal action would be taken against you.

These terms and conditions are to be accepted as a whole. Failure to accept will result in termination from group. Daastan reserves the right to change these rules and regulations anytime. It is your responsibility to check them regularly to avoid any inconvenience.