Daastan has had a diverse range of authors in these past 5 years of existence. Some of these authors leave an ever-lasting impact on their readers. Thir strong sense of identity sets them apart from the crowd. A very similar strong woman, who joined Daastan to pursue her life’s mission is Ms. Aisha Rahat.

About Aisha Rahat:

Aisha Rahat, a writer, social activist, and counselor, is the eldest of all her siblings. She graduated from the University of Punjab, Lahore, with a postgraduate degree in Space Technology and is currently a student at Al Huda International. Most of her work comes from abrupt thoughts, personal experiences, and inspiration from her surroundings. She now lives in the United States with her husband and two sons.

We talked to Aisha about herself and her book. Have a look at what she had to say.

What inspired you to write this book, especially considering how it discusses some of the more darker yet very relevant issues of today?

I got in touch with several children from broken families and heard cases of sexual harassment. There were people losing their zeal and determination to the usage of drugs, even contemplating suicide. I was truly jolted to my core. I decided to write this book after observing human psychology deeply to portray how one can survive all these and become a light for others.

It’s quite noble of you to want to inspire and lift people like this. Would you say that’s the purpose you wish to serve with your book?

With the world going downhill, depression and hopelessness mounting, and people losing the purpose of their creation, this book definitely aspires to change the thoughts of its readers. The storyline is strong enough to grab major issues such as child sexual abuse, drug abuse, and broken families. The issues we all are currently facing at our homes and workplaces. By seeking proper help and connecting themselves with the Book of Allah, Made For Each Other aims to help its audience regain lost hope.

So who would you say your target audience is, then? Who are the readers that could benefit the most from your book?

I would recommend this book to parents who are thinking about or have decided to break up so they can see what horrors a child faces as a result of a failed marriage. This work is also going to benefit teenagers since our hormones surge at that time, and we can easily get carried away with our emotions. This story is going to help them all, In Sha Allah, fasten their relationship first with Allah (SWT) and then with the rest of the world.

Is there any advice you’d like to give to writers like you?

Since the pen was created before the birth of the universe, Allah (SWT) has blessed it with great powers. I believe whoever seeks to write words is a very special person. They have the power to change the thought process of people. Also, if we talk about it on a larger scale, writers can definitely change the destinies of nations. So, I humbly request people who are blessed to write that they should create something that stays in the hearts of millions of people and benefits them even after they die.

That’s very profound. Now lastly, who was the first person who read your book, and what was their reaction?

It was actually a follower of mine who read it, and she was both in tears and quite hopeful as she could relate to a few of the events mentioned. After giving it a read, she decided to stand up for herself and her rights, and it always makes me feel so happy that this book has already helped many people in ways I could never have imagined when I started writing it!

As writers, it really is one of the best feelings in the world to watch your work change someone’s life even in the slightest. We’re glad that Aisha Rahat had the opportunity to witness that. If you are one such writer who wants to change the world with your words, Sign Up with Daastan and make change today!