Voice of Now

This initiative aims at using the art of modern story telling techniques to reconstruct, resurrect and revive the sense of collectiveness and community in Pakistan whose society remains segregated and disintegrated on various grounds.

The repercussions of this are a lost sense of community, security, identity and peace. The overall disintegration of a values and ethics based social and cultural fabric of our society is manifesting as instances of direct violence, ethnic polarization, domestic abuse, drug consumption, street rioting, heinous crimes like child molestation, rape, and a continuous political polarization.


Thematic Stories

Online and offline sessions in controlled environments with focus groups

Tailored Podcasts

Curated content to be produced and disseminated in control group 


Celebrating culture through film screening, music and poetry recitation, exchange of ideas, live performances.


Curated Content

Alexei Navalny: The One-Man Army of Russia

 Most of the chanting being done in these protests translates to “Set him Free”, “Russia without Putin” and “Give back our money!”.

Amid Kashmir conflict can Pakistan take sides in Iran-US Scuffle?

US attack on Iranian top asset in the Middle East has set a dangerous precedent to follow. The chaos it has and will ensue is unimaginable. For Pakistan, this is going to be a test of diplomatic skills as it does not want to be caught in the flames doused by others.

Modi’s populism or Imran’s humanity: What went wrong for BJP?

Considering the level of success that populism has in contemporary politics, it must have seemed like a sane idea to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the man who reintroduced India on a global level through a notorious and multi-faceted Foreign policy. 

Team's Profile

Award winning globally acclaimed team of domain experts with proven experience

Noor Sheikh Founder Voice of Now Project

Ms. Noor Sheikh

Project Lead, Voice of Now project with degree and research publications in conflict management and mitigation

Mr. Syed Ommer Amer

Content specialist with a decade long experience of generating, publishing content and disseminating content in local market

Wardah Noor Daastan KhudKaar

Wardah Noor

Eminent community leader who founded of KhudKaar - a platform to upskill local community with modern digital skills

Speak to us at merasawal@daastan.com for queries, collaborations or feedback