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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should I Use This Instead Of Kickstarter or Indegogo?

Not everyone is Pakistan is fortunate to have a credit card or Paypal account to start their crowdfunding campaigns on global platforms. We launched this service to enable those less privileged writers to collect funds globally through Paypal and locally through Mobile Commerce Solutions and Bank Transfers and GET PUBLISHED.

Will You Publish My Work?

That depends on what you want. We are open to it. You can either get SELF-PUBLISHED with Daastan OR you can raise money and get published with the publisher of your choice.

Are There Any Other Hidden Charges?

NO! If you get published with us, we WILL NOT charge you anything except the fixed fee mentioned to get it started i.e 1000 PKR. If you want to take out your raised amount then corresponding dollar conversion charges and transaction charges through bank will be applied.

Explain What is Self Publishing With Daastan?

Daastan, for the first time in Pakistan is introducing SELF-PUBLISHING for writers and poets who can not access global self-publishing platforms.

Our mission is to make publishing faster, cheaper and affordable for Pakistani writers and poets.

We work more or less like Amazon. For example, once you self-publish with us, we would be dispatching your book to anyone who orders it from any part of the globe.

For the time being, we will NOT be selling E-books to anyone but in near future we do plan to start this system through an app.

For more details, please explore “Self Publishing With Daastan

Will The Published Books Be Paperbacks or Hard Covers?

12277201_1522539131403517_473247998_nFor the time being, we shall be providing books in Hard Covers only. Have a look at the sample! It will be a high quality A5 sized cover.

How Can Anyone Order My Novel?

We will place your Novel in our Book store from where people can order it online all over the world. 

I Am Already Published/Self-published. Will You Place My Novel In Your Book store?

Yes! If you are a Pakistani Author who is already self-published through Amazon or any other traditional or self publishing platform, Daastan offers you to place your book in our Book Store and let the readers access it globally.

For more details talk to us through our Facebook Page.

I Want To Print And Dispatch My Self-published Novel To Pakistani Readers Just Like Amazon Does. Can Daastan Help Me?

Yes! We allow you to place your novel in our Book Store. We work on “print on demand” policy. Whenever we receive an order for your book, we inform you and dispatch it to respective locality.

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