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Tensions across borders has affected citizens. It has been over 50 years and our countries are still at war. No matter how many efforts, we make there is always something going around on political space which resets everything back to zero.

It is high time that we, the literati, gather and create a movement for peace, in the region, through literary pursuits.



In the world of the internet and social media, we have lost and forgotten the essence of writing and reading a letter. It would have been ages when you wrote a letter for someone or received one.

Welcoming the new year with zeal and fervor, let us reconnect with our past; forget the boundaries fed into our minds and put pen to paper and write a letter today.

"Words are the most powerful weapon someone can own. Let's unleash this to #WriteForPeace.

The Literati Manifesto

Why are we doing this?

For long, literati has been cornered from most of the critical decision making events which impact society at large. It is high time that we showcase the power of words to the people in power. 


Enough blood has been shed across borders and we, the literati demand resolution of tensions through dialogues

letter writing

The art of letter writing and the captivating power it holds has been underestimated, since ages. Let’s #WriteForPeace


People across borders share common culture and ancestral heritage. Let’s put an end to differences and strengthen bonds through stories.

event timeline



Jan 6th, 2020 to
Jan 22nd, 2020



Jan 20th, 2020 to
Jan 25th, 2020



Jan 25th, 2020 to
Jan 30th, 2020

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Share your letters by Jan 20th, 2020