مجمعے کی دوسری عورت از بشریٰ اقبال

بشریٰ اقبال ایک ادبی و سماجی شخصیت ہیں۔وہ مترجم...

اِک پر ِ خیال از منیرہ قریشی

منیرہ قریشی ایک ایسی شاعرہ ہیں جنھیں جذبوں کو...

حوالۂ عشق ازسلمان ظہور

شاعری کی بہت سی قسمیں ہیں۔ انھی میں سے...

نیا اسلوب، نئی عورت از بشریٰ اقبال

بشریٰ اقبال ایک ادبی و سماجی شخصیت ہیں۔وہ مترجم...

Shining Light on Mental Health – Qissa’s First Book on Schizophrenia

A Pakistani Doctor, Ms. Ramsha Babar, publishes her first book on Schizophrenia through Daastan. A thriller, the book aims to highlight the struggles of a person diagnosed with Schizophrenia.

Trailblazers: Small Town Girl, Rises Like A Phoenix From the Ashes

An 18 year old girl gets her collection of poetry and prose "Abduction from the Lethe", published through Daastan, and becomes a national star.

Trailblazers: The Girl Who Preserved the Word of Legends

Daastan's Literary Fellow, Sameen Aziz, launched her digitizing agency by the name of Harf Nagar, upon completion of her Fellowship, and joined the ranks of our Trailblazers

Pakistan’s Daughter of The Soil Brings Her Work to Qissa

Pakistan has always been the land of the most talented people. Ms. Faiza Kayani is one such individual, who published her very first poetry book through Daastan after having faced a long and deep struggles throughout her life.

A Pakistani Girl Helps Save the Planet in Teetoo and Tania, a Story Brought to You by Daastan

Daastan's founder, Mr. Syed Ommer Amer, had the opportunity to write the script for Pakistan's first animated tv show, Teeto and Tania.

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