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Wrapping Up Mused – Episode 6

Review of the last episode of Mused where our Host Ms. Summaiya Naveed talks about English language as a symbol of social class and the issue of plagiarism.

Is Intellectual Theft A Norm In Pakistan?

A National Award Winning Science Writer is struggling to fight Intellectual theft and highlight the importance of Media Ethics

#NaPoWriMo- Poetry Writing Campaign

Selected poems from Poetry writing campaign of April 2020

Pakistani Writers Community – Mused

The Pakistani writers community has long been under-appreciated....

English Poetry In Pakistan – Mused Ep 4

Summaiya Naveed talks about English Poetry in Pakistan on Episode 4 of Mused.

Rhizomatic Literaties’ Book Launch

Daastan arranged a book launch for Rhizomatic Literaties at Plan 9.

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