Mulaika Qureshi

Top Book Publishers of Pakistan

In the diverse landscape of Pakistani literature, there are...

Top 10 Book Publishing Companies in 2024

Book publishing companies in the vast realm of literature,...

مجمعے کی دوسری عورت از بشریٰ اقبال

بشریٰ اقبال ایک ادبی و سماجی شخصیت ہیں۔وہ مترجم...

Reading: A Dying Habit In The digital Age?

Book reading culture declined greatly in recent times. Daastan is striving to bring back the reading habit in Pakistan.

Creating an Impact: Our live Session on Child Abuse

As a publishing platform that also runs literary campaigns, it...

Journaling – A Bookworm’s Therapy

Ever wonder how writers clear their heads? Yes, you're right, by writing more! Learn more about the art of journaling.

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