Literary Events

The Impact of eBooks

eBooks, also known as electronic books, are here to...

In conversation with Dr. Shandana Khan

In this month’s candid live session, Dr. Shandana Khan...

Lit’EDTech Fiesta | 25 | Financial Literacy and Us

In today’s fast paced world, financial literacy should be...

Lit’EDTech Fiesta | 24 | Creative Expression- Need of the Hour

In episode 24 of Lit’EDTech Fiesta, Daastan invites Komal...

Daastan Opens the Gateway to Literary Stardom by Launching its Literary Fellowship

The Literary Fellowship, an innovative project of Daastan, to bring together literary activists from all across the country to work on the revival of literature.

Drawing out tales of Wars Within, in Season Two of “The Stories Untold”

Daastan conducts its second nation wide story writing competition "The Stories Untold", bringing to print the future literary stars of Pakistan.

Bringing Words to Life with The Stories Untold Season One

Daastan unveils its first nation wide story writing competition "The Stories Untold", in the theme "Perfect Imperfections"

Searing Through Competition to Star as One of the Top 25 in Pakistan Startup Cup Challenge 2016

Daastan sears through competition and rises to the top 25 in the Pakistan Startup Cup Challenge 2016, leaving those who doubted it stunned.

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