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Daastan celebrates Asian Writers

Asia is a vast continent brimming with talent. The art...

Greek Mythology Retellings

Apparently Greek mythology retellings seem to be the hype these...

A Tribute to Maj. Aziz Bhatti

Among the most fearless, most resilient creatures on...

Qissa Accomodates Business Person – Hassan Mueez

A LUMS graduate, and a current Business man, Mr. Hassan Mueez chooses to publish his book titled "Fear Management" through Qissa.

Shining Light on Mental Health – Qissa’s First Book on Schizophrenia

A Pakistani Doctor, Ms. Ramsha Babar, publishes her first book on Schizophrenia through Daastan. A thriller, the book aims to highlight the struggles of a person diagnosed with Schizophrenia.

Stories From The Valleys Of Kashmir To Punjab

Daastan is slowly becoming the hub for talent from all across Pakistan, by bringing to light and publishing authors from the Nothern Areas of Kashmir, all the way down to Sindh.

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