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Acclaimed Botanists Choose Qissa

Qissa acquires the scientific work of an internationally renowned PhD scholar of Botany, Ms. Mehwish Jaffer, who has to her name more than six scientific publications. Her book A Practical Guide to Herbaceous Flora of Lahore, can now be found on Qissa.

Qissa Became the Choice of a Geneticist

Ms. Hafsa, a geneticist by profession, and an amazing writer, chooses Daastan as her publisher and Qissa as the portal that brings her work to the public.

The Stories Untold Season 4x; An Offshoot of Daastan’s Competition

Outcast Magazine, an internationally acclaimed LGBTQ+ rights magazine, conducts an additional season of our competition The Stories Untold, titled as '4x', to raise awareness about the abuse faced by the shunned community and give them a voice.

Racing Through Genres to Finally Publish Our Very First Work on Islam

Bringing each dream to reality, with our ultimate focus on spreading the message of peace, the team of Daastan publishes their very first book about Islam on Qissa. Light Upon Light - Reflections, is a uniquely written and well researched piece by Ms. Iqra

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