12 Fun and Easy Writing Concepts You Should Give a Try

Have you ever thought about the fact that we are constantly using writing concepts on a day-to-day basis? Ranging from typing text messages to manufacturing emails to handwriting lecture notes, our fingers are always busy working. Writing is an integral part of our lives, it is a key communication method to say the least. However, there are many forms of writing that most of us simply look past. Therefore, we at Daastan present to you 11 fun and easy Writing Concepts you should give a try!

1. A Message in a Bottle (MIB)

Imagine laying under the summer’s sun on a heated Saturday and then suddenly your foot is hit by a mysterious object. What can it be? It looks like a bottle, and a letter seems to be hiding inside of it. You take out the piece of paper and start reading it. One the note it says: “Hello, it’s Jennifer Aniston here. My friends call me Jen. And speaking of friends, my Friends are better than your Friends!” We hypothesize that you would feel extremely shocked and also quite offended to hear someone speak so poorly of your friends. Thankfully, writing gives us the power to take action into our own hands. Write your own message that you think will be read by a complete stranger and put the note inside a bottle, and let it float away in the ocean.

Who knows, maybe Jennifer Aniston herself will be the lucky finder of your message?

2. Creative Birthday Wishes

This is one of our favorite Writing Concepts. Nothing sits better than receiving a birthday wish that makes you feel like the most special person on the planet. It is easy to spot the difference between a clichéd text that was handpicked from Google’s front page and a wish that was sent from the bottom of a heart’s sender. Next time, when a beloved family member or a dear friend is having a birthday, make an attempt to write them an unforgettable birthday wish! It could take the form of a poem, a funny rhyme – or just a heartfelt message that reminds them why you love them. We are sure your message will be more appreciated than thousands of pieces of silver and gold.

3. Love Letters

All aboard The Love Express! You certainly do not have to wait for someone’s birthday to arrive in order to tell them how much they mean to you. At least they never waited in Early modern Britain.

17th century England was rife with turmoil and strife, but amid governmental and religious upheaval a new form of literature arose: metaphysical poetry. Productive metaphysical poets such as John Donne and Andrew Marvell managed to express their sermons and love lyric through masterful conceits. The winning technique was to melodramatically address a lover who was physically and socially distanced. In fact, William Shakespeare used a similar approach in his Petrarchan sonnets. His lover always remained far away and physical love was absent. Consequently, a seduction poem could be formed.

Be like Shakespeare and write your crush a love letter right now. Who knows, it might win their heart over? If your intention, however, is to keep the love letters to yourself, then make sure to store them in a safety deposit box or a hatbox. Or actually, forget about the last option. Jenny Han’s romance novel “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before” is a great depiction of why we should (or should not) store our love letters in a hatbox. Read the novel to find out why.

4. Dares – Inspired by Dash & Lily

Rachel Cohn’s romantic young adult novel Dash & Lily’s Book of Dares contains a whole lot of dares. Lily, a bored 16-year-old, leaves a notebook filled with dares on a bookstore shelf in hopes of having her dream guy come pick it up. Dash, a stressed 16-year-old, stumbles upon her book and decides to take on the challenges it presents. This leads to adventure-filled weeks as dares are secretly passed back and forth at places across New York City.

Embark on your own adventure by writing dares and leave them somewhere in public for that mysterious-someone to pick them up.

“I’ve left some clues for you.
If you want them, turn the page.
If you don’t, put the book back on the shelf, please.”- Cohn

5. Fanfiction

Sometimes we find a new book, we start reading it, and we just know that it will belong to our shelf of all-time favorites! But then comes the ending and all the love we built up for the plot, the setting and the characters comes crashing down as the story heads into a disastrous direction. We see the plot holes and we are definitely not happy.

Luckily, there is no need to worry. Take control of the narrative by writing your own spin to the story. Get creative with the atmosphere and characters you otherwise love, everything is in your hands. If you are lucky, your fan fiction could turn into a published novel – and even before you know it, it can be adapted into a movie. At least that is what happened to writer Anna Todd. What was initially uploaded as fanfiction quickly evolved into a book-series, and Todd’s 3rd film adaption is about to hit the big screen internationally. That is right, we are talking about the After series.

6. 1-Minute TikTok Skits

TikTok is a rising social media platform where anyone can upload short videos of themselves doing practically anything from dancing, cooking, lip-syncing to just venting to the camera. TikTok is for many viewers a great source of entertainment and many creators make short 1-minute comedy skits. If you enjoy standing in front of the camera and wish to become famous, then TikTok might be your next best tool for those wishes to turn into reality. Do not forget to thank us later when your skit goes viral!

7. Paper Fortune Teller

Did you play with paper fortune tellers as a kid? Many of us absolutely loved creating them back in the day. Paper fortune tellers are versatile and can be folded and moved in many different ways. Inside each fold a short text is typically written. The text can be anything from a dare, to a compliment, to a prediction of what the future will look like. Here is a video demonstrating how to make this easy piece of origami. It is then up to you to use your creative mind to come up with original fortune texts! Good luck.

8. Time Capsule Letter to Future Self

These type of letters are common Writing Concepts for those who like to travel in time. You might have seen it in movies or read about in books. A group of close friends who are about to disconnect decide to commemorate their precious time together and as a way each person buries their special belonging under the ground. They reunite after many years of detachment and dig up what their younger selves left behind. This is the concept of a time capsule, and you clearly do not need a group of friends to arrange this.

A time capsule letter can be written to your older self, to your future child or it can remain rotting under soil if you think it is too embarrassing to crop it back up. Either way, we think it is a really cool writing concept and will surely leave you feeling nostalgic when you re-encounter something you wrote so many years ago.

9. Writing’s on the Wall

No, we are not talking about Sam Smith’s theme song for the 2017 James Bond film “Spectre”. We actually want you to write on your house wall. It just might have been your childhood dream to get to use those crayons to draw oddly shaped figures and monsters on your wall, so why not do it as an adult? It is never too late. Pick out a wall in your bedroom or kitchen that you feel needs a glow up. Buy some brushes and paint and get to work! Who said DIY wallpapers are cheap?

10. Reflective Writing

This one is important. There are no boundaries to what reflective writing entails. All you need is a piece of paper and a pencil, and the floor is yours. There are indeed so many benefits of reflective writing. It can help you sort your thoughts, improve your general well-being, and serve as a source of appeasement for mental health disorders (such as, anxiety disorders, mood disorders, depressive episodes, phobias).

If you are stuck and have no idea about how to start the writing process, just remember that no one will be reading your writings if you do not wish to. Let your mind flow and just write down the first things that come to mind. Then let’s see what happens as you delve deeper into your text. You might be summarizing your day in the form of a diary or you might be writing the beginning of a groundbreaking novel. Whatever you decide, there are no wrongs and rights – just do your thing 🙂 We promise you it will be fun once you get started. 

11. Cast Writing

Do you have a friend who just fractured their arm or leg and is forced to wear a cast for the next upcoming weeks? It certainly does not sound fun at all. Having to stay in bed as a result of an injury can be quite daunting. Cheer them up by writing funny jokes that they can laugh at every time they are feeling down. Or even better, surprise them in their sleep by writing a long message that they will see when they wake up. Whether you will be cute and sincere or wickedly funny is up to you.

12. Birthday Cake Text Decoration

This has to be the one of the most difficult Writing Concepts out there. If you have tried writing on a cake you know how creamy and messy it might get. You can still try your best and give it a shot! If it gets too hard then you can always write “Happy Birthday” on a red sticky-note and stick it onto the top of the cake. Surely no one will notice, but in the event that anybody asks if the note is edible… You will obviously say yes.

That is the end of today’s list. We are confident that at least one of these Writing Concepts appealed to you and that you will be on your way writing now. You can read our other blogs here, in case you are tempted to learn more about writing and reading.


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