A Step-By-Step Guide To Publish With Daastan

Here is a Step-by-step guide to easily publish yourself with Daastan. Follow these 6 simple steps and become a published author:

Step 1 : Sign Up

First of all, signing up with Daastan is a fairly easy and quick procedure. Click on our Sign-up button and fill a form with your details. We make sure to take your contact details to smoothen up our communication with you and keep you updated with the progress of your manuscript review.

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Step 2 : Upload Your Manuscript

Our digital system enables you to upload your manuscript on your own. Just copy and paste your file and upload it on our website. If you do not have a typed manuscript, you can avail our services for digitizing your manuscript by sending us pictures of your hand-written text.

Step 3 : Get Reviewed

At this stage, our Editors will review your manuscript as per Daastan’s Content Policy. If your manuscript is up to the mark, it will be approved and you will be notified through Email. In case our Editor feels any need for improvement, you will be suggested to avail our Editing services. We make sure your manuscript is refined to its best before sending it to print because once sent for printing, no changes can then be made.

Step 4 : Designing A Book Cover

This stage is optional as you might already have a cover for your book. Let’s take a look at how to design a cover:

  • Use online tools like Canva to design it yourself
  • Take help of your friends who can design
  • Avail professional design services from Daastan

We have a professional design team on-board that is responsible for some of the most ground-breaking cover designs to come out in recent years from the Pakistani book industry. Revisions on designs are offered as per the package chosen, so that the author is absolutely satisfied with the final result.

Step 5 : Publish Your Book

For publishing, we provide two options; digital (ebook) and print (hard copy). If you choose to publish an e-book or digital publishing then you have to cover only book registration costs  whereas print publishing requires you to cover the printing costs and the book registration cost.

Step 6 : Market Your Book

Finally, when your book is published, you need to build your readership and attract buyers. We make sure that your talent does not go unnoticed. It is our mission to help you get visibility on our digital space. Our team helps you market the book in following ways

  • Arranging a book launch
  • Carrying out dedicated social media campaigns
  • Distributing your book in book stores and online at qissa’s website

How To Earn From Publishing

To earn from publishing, you first need to polish your writing skills. Learn from mistakes that most writers make. “They say if you’re good at something, never do it for free. So why not earn a few bucks while you’re writing amazing stories for the world? Getting published is the most traditional way to earn through writing.

Here’s a secret to getting published: If you know the preliminaries of writing a book, the chances of your manuscript getting accepted increase ten-fold! An editor only ever reads the first few pages of your book before they make a decision. Avoid those lazy, common writing mistakes as they can make a terrible first impression.

But if you already know all this, then we’re preaching to the choir. What you need is a way to get published, already! Publishing in Pakistan  is getting increasingly easy but that can also mean that the quality of work is decreasing. Publishing houses are willing to take any manuscript and you do not want to be associated with a name that has a bad reputation.

At Daastan, we strive every day to become just a little bit better at the services we provide and the quality of the work we put out so that writers are facilitated and promoted. Here are 5 ways Daastan can help you achieve your dream of getting published.

With these 5 simple steps, you can easily publish your book and earn the fame that you deserve. We make sure that our authors are well known, not only in our local literary space but also globally. If you have any queries regarding our process, write to us at merasawaal@daastan.com and sign up below to get started

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Daastan is a literary forum working for revival of literature in Pakistan. We connect writers with opportunities for career growth.

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    • We carry out the necessary paperwork to protect authors. Being a registered brand, we can also go legal against those who try to pirate the content.


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