Bookstagram in Pakistan: An Introduction

Bookstagram in Pakistan is a thriving and lively community of readers and writers who also happen to be the most creative bunch. If you’ve missed out on this great nook on the internet, consider this introduction your invite.

Instagram is one of the leading social media platforms at the moment and is popular among Gen Z and Millennials alike.

No social media platform is dedicated to only one type of media. Diversity of content is what makes a social media platform successful, and Instagram is no different. It has managed to attract 1.386 billion active users because it allows for communities to thrive and like-minded people to find each other.

If you love reading but all you’ve ever seen on social media is comedy or TikTok dances, then maybe you just haven’t looked in the right places.

Instagram has a thriving reading community. So there are plenty of opportunities to find inspiration from.

While we often hear people complaining that no one reads anymore, it’s not really true. As times change, methods of consumption and interaction are bound to change too. There might be differences in the way readers interact with each other, but the reading tradition is still quite alive thanks to these online communities dedicated to books.

What Bookstagram in Pakistan comprises of

Content on Book themed Insta-blogs revolves around:

  • Book reviews
  • Suggestions
  • Original writing (poetry, fiction, non-fiction etc.)
  • Quotes and analysis
  • Creative interpretations (cosplays, illustrations etc.)
  • Commercial products and themed merchandise

Popular Bookstagram Content Creators in Pakistan

We have a multitude of literary enthusiasts in Pakistan. If you are just now getting introduced to this community, here are some accounts to get you started.

Given below are some Bookstgram accounts that I’ve come across and loved. The list has not been organized in any particular order and is by no means exhaustive.

1. pearlsaddiction (Faiqa)


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A post shared by faiqa (@pearlssaddiction)

Her feed is one of the most eye-catching ones I’ve come across on Instagram. The homogeneity of tones and the overall aesthetic sets her apart and instantly shows the viewer what her blog is about. 10/10 for aesthetics.

2. theprintovertboy (Sarim Sikander)


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A post shared by Sarim Sikander (@theprintrovertboy)

Like Faiqa, Sarim Sikander also runs a very aesthetically pleasing Bookstagram blog with dark academia undertones. You should visit his blog for the book recommendations as well as design inspiration.

3. sumaiyya.books

Summaiya uploads daily content with the aim to inspire reading habits in others. With over 2000 posts, she has been putting out quality posts consistently and has developed a strong following of over 100K.

4. Noor Unnahar


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A post shared by Noor Unnahar (@noor_unnahar)

Noor is a poet and a visual artist who recently had her first poetry collection, titled New Names for Lost Things, published through Amazon.

She has achieved a unique voice for her blog by combining original poetry with design elements that show off her prowess in both.

5. abusjinns (Ayesha Muzaffar)


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A post shared by @abusjinns

Ayesha Muzaffar has created something truly refreshing and original with her horror stories. Most of her stories are brimming with Pakistani imagery, cultural allusions, and blood-curdling plot twists.

Her blog will keep you scrolling for hours once.

6. shelovestoread (Farhina)

Farhina’s blog primarily comprises of book reviews and some top notch flats lays that will inspire you to get reading right away.

Her mini-reviews often come paired with personal reflections and thoughts that add a lot of personality and relatability to her blog.

7. books_and_coffee03 (Aemon)

While many bookstgrammers go for a dark academia aesthetic, Aemon’s blog offers a pop of colour. In addition to discussing fantasy and YA fiction on her blog, she also shares her favourite bookish picks such as themed merchandise and book boxes.

8. fatimareads

Fatima runs a book blog in which she shares her favourite picks from different genres along with mini reviews and a quote of the day. Her feed is beautiful to look at and her posts are bound to inspire you to pick up a book if you haven’t in a while.

Tags to Explore Bookstagram in Pakistan

If you want to find some of these book blogs, you can either follow their handles above, or if you would like to do some research on your own, look up one of the tags below.







You can even be more specific with your searches and type in the name of a book or series that you enjoy. You will find others who have posted about it.

How YOU can get started with your own book blog

If you want to get in on all the fun and join this ever-growing community of book bloggers in Pakistan, all you need to do is start a public Instagram account and get posting.

You can take inspiration from any of the bloggers mentioned above, but at the end of the day original is always better. Experiment and find your own style. You can also interact with bloggers and readers in the community to increase the probability of people finding your page.

If your reason for wanting to join Bookstagram is to get recommendations, we can help in that department. Take a look at our recommendations for new YA Fantasy novels.

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