It Ends With Us – A Colleen Hoover Novel

Are you in a mood to read something that probes the delicacies of human relationships? Or are you looking for an insight into the different relationship dynamics and struggles people go through in daily lives? If yes, we have got just the book for you. Today’s top reading pick at Daastan is “It Ends With Us” by Colleen Hoover. Without further ado, enjoy this little tribute to the book that talks about strength, love, sacrifice and tough decisions.

Meet Colleen Hoover

Born in Sulphur Springs, Texas Colleen Hoover did not know she would grow up to be a NewYork Times Bestselling Author. Being a bestselling author, her fans may think that she has formal education in creative writing. However, that is not the case. Hoover graduated from Texas A&M-Commerce with a degree in social work. Before getting her first book deal, Hoover worked several teaching and social service jobs. Currently, Hoover has published 11 novels and 5 novellas for adult and young adult audience. Hoover is best known for her grip on romance novels and psychological thrillers.

Colleen Hoover

About the Book

On the night of her father’s funeral Lily Bloom comes across Ryle Kincaid on the rooftop of an apartment complex. Having gone through a strange day, both of them get to see a vulnerable side of each other. But, little did they know, what began as an accidental meeting would bring them closer. As the relationship between Lily and Ryle deepens, Lily feels a window to her past open. Her whole life turns upside down as circumstances push her to make the toughest decision of her life.

Colleen Hoover

“It Ends With Us” explores how the relationships that seemingly begin on the foundation of love and trust take unexpected turns revealing the worst in people. However, once the mask is off, do people find in themselves the courage to choose a better tomorrow? How much time does it take before one finally leaves a toxic situation? In the novel, Colleen Hoover paints a realistic picture of how perfectly moderate appearing individuals are capable of harming others.

“It Ends With Us” Quotes

  • All humans make mistakes. What determines a person’s character aren’t the mistakes we make. It’s how we take those mistakes and turn them into lessons rather than excuses.
  • It stops here. With me and you. It ends with us.
  • And as hard as this choice is, we break the pattern before the pattern breaks us.
  • Cycles exist because they are excruciating to break. It takes an astronomical amount of pain and courage to disrupt a familiar pattern. Sometimes it seems easier to just keep running in the same familiar circles, rather than facing the fear of jumping and possibly not landing on your feet.
  • Maybe love isn’t something that comes full circle. It just ebbs and flows, in and out, just like the people in our lives

Colleen Hoover on Sensitive Subjects

Hoover writes in a simple and brief manner. Without employing overly embellished language, she wins the heart of millions and touches them deeply. Through her compelling storytelling and thoughtful handling of sensitive issues likes body image issues, suicide, domestic violence, infidelity, infertility and toxic relationships, Colleen tires to lay bare the complexities of human life. Her writings elaborate how human mind never works in clear binaries. There are always grey areas in every circumstance that from the outside appears almost unintelligible. Therefore, one should have empathy while encountering a situation that may appear new to them.

Message to the audience

Most literary works narrate the story of events that have taken place in people’s lives in one way or another. They may be read only for the sake of catharsis or enjoyment. However, a literary work like “It ends with us”, retells a heart wrenching story of millions across the world who found the courage to break the patterns of violence and abuse. Moreover, the author’s note at the end of the book beautifully describes how she wants this book to be a part of the conversation that aims to understand the perspective and pain of all the Lilys out there.

“Some risks are never worth taking. Especially when those risks have failed you in the past.”


Noor Hashmi
Noor Hashmi is a student of literature at Numl University. She is an aspiring poetess. She runs a blog by the name of “Diaries of Huda” sharing her journey through poetry. In her free time, she loves to paint and bake.

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