Lit’Talks | 03 | Using LinkedIN like a Pro

In today’s episode of LiT’Talks, we’re giving you a crash course on how to use LinkedIn as a pro. Daastan in collaboration with Khudkaar presents you the speakers, Karishma Zaka Ullah and Anahita Hosseini.

Workshop’s Agenda

Get to know the speakers

Anahita Hosseini is a student of economics who loves to describe herself as a proactive and enthusiastic usiatic Learner. Anahita is an aspiring social entrepreneur and a SDG activist. In free time, she pursues her love for playing music, singing and theatre. About LinkedIN she says, “I have been using it for quite a long time now. I used it for the first time in highschool. Since then, it has allowed me to connect professionally.”

Karishma Zaka Ullah is our second speaker for episode 03. Karishma completed her education from University of Peshawar in Business Administration and Management. She is an HR professional, a community builder, an Edtech Innovator and a SDG activist. Being the founder of Unidesk, she is changing the trends of career counselling in Pakistan.

In today’s blog, Daastan brings to you the key points from Karishma and Anahita’s workshop. So without further ado, let’s dive into them.

Key points of the workshop.

What is LinkedIn?

In this fast paced technological world, social branding is crucial. It puts one’s achievements and skill set on the map of digital networking. Moreover, digital networking can pave the way for career opportunities.

Linked In

LinkedIn is an online forum that caters to a person’s professional needs. If you visit their website, you can see they describe themselves as,

“An online platform that connects the world’s professionals. A complete LinkedIn profile will summarize your professional experience to your connections, current and future employers, and recruiters. Hence through your profile, you can showcase your professional life, milestones, skills and interests.”

LinkedIn vs Other Social Media

“LinkedIn is social media for professional purposes”, says Anahita.

An overview of other social media platforms.

The insight Anahita gave us is self-explanatory. For instance, facebook connects you to the trending news around world regarding the topic of your choosing. This news can be in the form of images, audio-video or articles. One can also connect with like minded individuals through it. Similarly, LinkedIn connects you to professionals of your field. Keep in mind that its correct use can deliver you immense opportunities. Furthermore, over 50 million employers are registered on LinkedIn. But that’s not all. Approximately, 700 million professionals use it. However, the exact statistics is still being counted.

example of linked in
The working of LinkedIN.

Find Your Niche

Your social media presence tells people about your niche. Therefore, it’s necessary to explore your areas of interest before signing up for a platform like Linked In. Since this platform is for professional growth and job hunting, specify your skillset. For instance, think about your strength and capabilities. After you have found your niche, start building your brand. Your brand is what you can offer professionally.

personal branding

Replacement for Resumes

The digital trends of 21st century are replacing the need for traditional CVs or Resumes. Our speakers believe, “CVs and Resumes aren’t enough anymore. Hence, digital presence becoming is the need of the hour.”  We have shortlisted a few reasons as to why that is true:

  •  Employers may never open resumes.
  •  They can get lost in a pile of other candidates’ resumes. 
  •  Do not necessarily contain feedback.  
  • Carry limited amount of information. 

replacing resumes
A comparison between resumes and profile.

Why should you opt for LinkedIn instead?

  • One profile becomes the doorway to all the opportunities.
  • Live updates
  • Recommendations left by your employers and clients.

Building your digital presence

Digital Profile
Things to remember while creating a LinkedIn profile.

The first step towards building your digital presence is signing up on LinkedIn. Once you have signed in, ensure your profile has:

  • A professional photo
  • Your introduction (also known as headline or the elevator pitch.) 

Headline Essentials

  • Summary of your work experiences, accomplishments, trainings certifications, etc.
  • enough information regarding your services.


While building your digital presence, networking is important. However, don’t clutter your profile with unnecessary groups and people. Stick to your niche. And expand your profile strategically. Lastly, make sure to specify on your profile what’s it you are looking for.

Importance of Networking

Networking or socialising is the inherent need of human beings. We need people around us who appreciate us, share the same values as we do, help us grow and contribute to our knowledge of the world. Likewise in the professional setting, we need all that too. Networking in professional settings takes place via seminars, webinars and business profiles. LinkedIn also allows one to connect with professionals via group chats, hashtags and online and offline communities.

“Webinars are an example digital networking. For example, this very workshop is streamed worldwide without needing a passport or a visa.” – Karishma on advantages of digital networking. 

Anahita echoes Karishma’s point of view, for she believes digital networking has bridged professional and geographical loopholes for today’s youth.

Sending a LinkedIN invite.

An example of making connections is shown in the above picture. Let’s say you attended a webinar and liked the vision of a certain company. Now you want to work with them. So, in order to do that you can select LinkedIn’s custom invite option.

Here’s why networking is important:

  • It can land you a job.
  • You can learn about something directly from a professional.
  • Creates creative opportunities.

Here’s an example of social networking.

LinkedIN and Movers Community

Movers is a youth empowerment initiative by the UN in the Asian Pacific region. The aim of the program is to move the youth to raise awareness about societal and global issues. Therefore, it is given the name mover. In addition to that, the mover community empowers innovation and creativity. Just like other business community, the movers also interact through LinkedIn.


  • How to become a mover?

To become a mover, one must go through three essential steps. Firstly, reach out to the movers community. Secondly, learn from the members of the community. Thirdly, once you’re equipped with the tools required to be a mover, organise your personal workshops

Becoming a mover.

You can find more about the movers programme here.

The 17 SDGs

SDG stands for Sustainable Development Goals. These goals represent the pious hope of the world that UN seeks to achieve. Currently, 17 goals are a part of UN’s 2030 Agenda. Additionally, sustainability is a major part of the SDGs.

“SDGs are improved versions of UN’s sustainable projects but with much more diversity and inclusion,” says Anahita.  

The 17 SDGs

For a detailed insight, stream our workshop now!

Daastan hopes you found our rundown of LinkedIN essentials helpful. Stay tuned for the next episode of Lit’Talks!

Noor Hashmi
Noor Hashmi is a student of literature at Numl University. She is an aspiring poetess. She runs a blog by the name of “Diaries of Huda” sharing her journey through poetry. In her free time, she loves to paint and bake.

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