Love Recycled by Mushtaque Korejo

Mushtaque Korejo is a young Pakistani writer, who enters the world of literature by writing his exceptionally written book “Love Recycled”. He knows how to make ordinary things unique so that it leaves a mark of excitement on readers’ minds.

Love recycled is an example of his creative writing technique in which you will get to know, how a typical and ordinary love story can become a creative piece of literature just because of an idiosyncratic way of explanation.

This book consists of a love story between Ali and Freeha, and it is written in the first person, which means you will get to know the whole story through the protagonist himself. This is the most exciting thing about this novel, as we get to know about the feelings of the main character through his own self.

Dialogues create more charm in the story, as the author knows how to make each scene anomalous. 

“Believe it or not it is love, I feel you live in your message”.

Like this and many more beautifully written dialogues, you will have the vibes of Romeo and Juliet but with a modern touch.

Despite writing it as a romantic story, the author has also described how cultural differences can make your relationship difficult and how long-term relationships can cause misunderstandings. Not only he mentioned the hurdles, but he also elaborated on how these things could be overcome.


Yet there are thousands of turns and twists in the story,  but you will have a smile at the end specifically.



‘Nice weather. ‘Fareeha says. I keep a quite straight sight.

 She pauses for a moment. ‘I am talking to someone.

 ‘She speaks again, I don’t know but I felt the urge to reply here. 

  ‘Yeah someone. Who is less important than a job. ‘I mutter.

‘I have left not only that job but everything for him, 

 if he believes, I still love him excessively,

 but I am also here to redress, and

 I am apologetic for last night. I have come to stay forever.’

So if you want to read a sweet romantic story that also comprises a few hidden messages on how to trust your partner in every situation, you should go to Daastan’s website and order your copy of ‘Love Recycled’. To catch the author in a candid interview with Daastan go to Youtube.

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