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Before every trip to the bookstore, I sit and curate a list based on my hours of watching BookTube. For those who don’t know, BookTube is that wonderful little corner on YouTube where likeminded bookworms create all the bookish videos we may require. Of course, like anything on the internet, there is a huge supply of these videos and the algorithm always supports popularity over quality. Not to worry though! We, at daastan, have curated the perfect list of niche BookTubers to watch. Moreover, they each have their own unique take on the book world. Which is to say, there is variety, entertainment and some brilliant takes on books coming your way!


Starting off with our niche BookTubers, we have the highly opinionated and fresh voiced Carley Thorne who goes by the username uncarly. From short, snappy videos to 20 min long sit downs, uncarly has it all for you. What is most exciting about her videos is how interactive they are! Long, drawn out book recommendations? no thanks. With uncarly we have videos that engage us in all the fun quirky ways. From matching people to their favourite books to reading taylor swift’s favourite videos, all the way to making connections between books and spotify playlists- uncarly has it all.

This is a BookTuber who is up to date with the world, aware of who her audience is and just genuinely loves books! What else could we possibly ask for? However, that’s not all. She isn’t just limited to bookish videos. Her channel involves some of the most natural vlogs, meaningful conversations and all around a good time.

Noelle Gallagher

Moving on with our list of Niche BookTubers, who hopefully will become a part of your mainstream viewing, we have Noelle Gallagher. Unlike uncarly, her channel is laser focused on books, books and…well, some more books! From reading vlogs, to wrap ups to author interviews, this BookTuber has all the book content she needs. With slightly longer videos, going up till half an hour, we recommend cozying up with your favourite warm beverage and just letting yourself get lost in her videos.

In addition to that, her conversational style and wonderful lilting accent keeps you hooked right till the end. Peppered with witty jokes, some unconventional reads and some really cool tattoos, her videos are a joy to get through.

Drinking By My Shelf

Seems like we are nearing the end of our niche BookTubers. Fear not, before we reach the end, we have the lovely Emma Oulton aka Drinking By My Shelf. With a nice variety of short and snappy videos along with longer editions, there is something for everyone. Her content includes the generic BookTube videos, alongside in-depth thematic reviews from spooky books to 70’s books. If you are the kind of viewer who requires something specific do give her channel a view!

She is comfortable in front of the camera, open and candid which makes us feel like we are hanging out with an especially chatty friend! Of course, if chatty videos aren’t it for you, her wonderful editing and occasional, chaotic truth and dare tags are bound to keep you entertained.

And once again, we have reached the end of today’s blog post. Of course, we wish we could carry on with our posts forever, but it might seem too much like rambling. We love giving you our suggestions and we would love to hear feedback from you as well! Do give the BookTubers a chance and explore the niche away from the mainstream. Happy Viewing!


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