“Oula Nagri” – A Creative Writing Opportunity

If someone wants to be a good writer, he or she must read a lot. However, in the case of children, it is critical to understand what they would enjoy in the books and how these stories are told. We need to write books that will help children become better thinkers so that they can be creative in their daily lives.

Daastan took this responsibility on their shoulders and created an opportunity for writers; kids, adults, or seniors whoever want to participate, but keep in mind that the story should be for kids and must be entertaining in their own unique way.

Now is the time for every writer out there to shine. “Oula Nagri,” season 1 of “Sargoshi (Urdu/English),” Daastan’s newest series, provides the ideal opportunity for any writer to creatively curate children’s fiction and help them grow. Create stories from any living or non-living thing using your original ideas. This means that it is entirely up to your reasoning and writing abilities.

You need to follow a few rules given below:

  • The story should be for ages 5 to 12
  • Words limit from 1500 to 2500
  • 12 years and older can submit stories
  • Animals, plants, or any inanimate object that affects the children’s life enough to become
  • alive.
  • The story should not be published anywhere before
  • Last date to submit your story is 10th March.

 What writer will get?

  1. Get a chance to feature
  2. One printed copy.
  3. Participation Certificate
  4. Customize Bookmarks

Grab your pens and send us your masterpiece and submit your writing through the form by the 10th of March. https://forms.gle/juEPxM3LeA6gitk27. Or email us at rida@daastan.com. We will review your work and get back soon.

To learn more about Daastan, click here. If you want to get publish your work talk to us at merasawal@daastan.com


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