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The Impact of eBooks

eBooks, also known as electronic books, are here to...

In conversation with Dr. Shandana Khan

In this month’s candid live session, Dr. Shandana Khan...

Lit’EDTech Fiesta | 25 | Financial Literacy and Us

In today’s fast paced world, financial literacy should be...

Lit’EDTech Fiesta | 24 | Creative Expression- Need of the Hour

In episode 24 of Lit’EDTech Fiesta, Daastan invites Komal...

Lit’EDTech Fiesta | 23 | Digital Design and Technology with Anum Ameer

In episode 23 of Lit’EDTech Fiesta, Anum Ameer from...

In conversation with Saeed ul Hassan

We are back with another candid interview with one...

Lit’Talks | 05 | Professional Networking Ethics

Daastan is back with another exciting episode of Lit’Talks....

بلند تخیل کی شاعرہ عاطفہ ضیاء

داستان کے اِس سفر میں بہت میں سے ادیب...

Bringing Together Creatives– Daastan’s first Live Show “Mused”

Mused is Daastan's latest initiative to being together creatives and give them an intellectual boost to excel in their careers. This article is quick overview of the first episode of Mused, The Art of Everything

Write for Peace – Celebrating Love through Letter Writing

Chitti Sarhad Parr say was a cross-country letter writing campaign held in January 2020 by Daastan. The final entries have been compiled into an e-book. Find the complete result of the #WriteforPeace campaign in this blog.

What Does It Take To Make A Good Autobiography?

We all have stories to tell about our lives, penning...


What Does It Take To Make A Good Autobiography?

We all have stories to tell about our lives, penning...

The Ripple by Mahnoor Kareem

Daastan, founded on the very notion of being able to...

Niche BookTubers to Watch

Before every trip to the bookstore, I sit and curate...

“Beautiful World, Where Are You” : A Sally Rooney Review

As one of the most influential millennial author, Sally Rooney...

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Our Story

The Art of Storytelling

In today’s blog, we at Daastan are sharing with...

In conversation with Ozma Mushtaque

This week at Daastan, we are interviewing another emerging...

In conversation with Safi Ullah Shahwani

In the later part of the last decade, Daastan...

What to buy for book lovers?

The topic of gift-giving has always been a confusing...

How to publish

کتاب کی اشاعت کے لیے داستان کی سروسز

*آخری ترمیم: ١ مئی، ٢٠٢٢ء* کتاب کی اشاعت کے لیے داستان...

Daastan’s Book Marketing Services

Here at Daastan, we offer a carefully curated Book Marketing...

How To Acquire Daastan’s Book Distribution Services

Daastan provides Book Distribution Services to author and publishers all across Pakistan. Learn more about our terms and conditions.

Exercises To Improve Writing Skills

Tips on improving your writing skills to engage your readers into your book and meet the publishers' criteria.

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کتاب کی اشاعت کے لیے داستان کی سروسز

*آخری ترمیم: ١ مئی، ٢٠٢٢ء* کتاب کی اشاعت کے لیے داستان...

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منیب مسعود کی تحریر کردہ کتاب ادب و تنقید

ادب و تنقید مصنف: منیب مسعود تحریر: دِیا خان بلوچ منیب مسعود چشتی کا تعلق ضلع اٹک کے...

Pakistan’s Daughter of The Soil Brings Her Work to Qissa

Pakistan has always been the land of the most talented people. Ms. Faiza Kayani is one such individual, who published her very first poetry book through Daastan after having faced a long and deep struggles throughout her life.

Throwback to 2017 and All it Entailed for Qissa and Daastan

A small piece of writing heavily loaded with Daastan's feats throughout the year of 2017

A Year in Review: Dominating All Forms of Media in 2017

A review of a scintillating year of media coverage provided to Daastan for their extraordinary achievements.

Providing Support to an Event Advocating Inclusive Education

Daastan partners with local NGO ILFE Welfare Foundation to conduct an event on World Disability Day, comprising of an seminar and a walk to raise awareness regarding inclusive education.

A Pakistani Girl Helps Save the Planet in Teetoo and Tania, a Story Brought to You by Daastan

Daastan's founder, Mr. Syed Ommer Amer, had the opportunity to write the script for Pakistan's first animated tv show, Teeto and Tania.

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