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Lit’Talks | 05 | Professional Networking Ethics

Daastan is back with another exciting episode of Lit’Talks. In...

Lit’Talks | 04 | Artists of South Punjab

In episode 4 of Lit’Talks, two aspiring artists of South...

Lit’Talks | 03 | Using LinkedIN like a Pro

In today’s episode of LiT’Talks, we’re giving you a crash...

Movers x Daastan | Qissa Goi | Story Festival

Freedom, Liberdade, حُرِيَّة, frihed and vrijheid all mean freedom, but...

Rawish Ali Tirmizi and Her Enchanting Love Story

This is an unconventional Love Story that you're about to...

Our Vision of Putting Books in Every Hand

Daastan collaborated with Books and Beyond in Hyderabad and sponsored freebies at their book club event to generate reader interest.

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