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Daastan , Movers, Qissa Goi, Story telling Event

Freedom, Liberdade, حُرِيَّة, frihed and vrijheid all mean freedom, but in different language; it is subjective for it has a unique meaning for each individual. To write is to break free from being the prisoner of your thoughts and make a statement. Daastan n collaboration with Movers on their anniversary, Qissa Goi aims to invite spoken word artists from all across the world to represent their culture through their writings.

Themes of Qissa Goi

1. Different is beautiful

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. In these difficult times, it is important to remind people that being different is synonymous to being beautiful. What is your idea of beauty? Do you dare show that you’re different? Then what are you waiting for? Go put that pen to paper and start writing!

2. Heroes of tomorrow

All heroes don’t necessarily wear capes now, do they? We find heroism in acts of ordinary individuals. In fact, we see heroes every day in our life; remember that guy you saw saving a dog from torture? Or the girl who stood up on the behalf of all those who couldn’t? Who do you think are the people we can call the heroes of tomorrow?

3. Together We Win

The power of unity is often undermined. However, it can do wonders. There is an Urdu saying that accurately sums up the concept of our theme. “Taali ek haath se nahi bajti” which means you can’t clap using just one hand.


Submissions open: 11th-13th December 2020
Winner Announcement: 14th December 2020
Performance on Movers Finale Event: 15th December 2020

Daastan , Movers, Qissa Goi, Story telling Event

Rules And Guidelines – Qissa Goi

    1. All submissions will be in English language.
    2. Both poetry and prose will be accepted as a submission. There is no restriction on writing style since it is an open mic.
    3. Time duration for each performer will be 2-3 minutes.
    4. All the content that has to be spoken at the event needs to be submitted beforehand on the form below.
    5. Only finalists will be invited to present in the main event.

Submission Form for Qissa Goi


Finalists will be invited to join Movers community by Youth Co:Lab. The winner will be awarded with a special gift (Tree on some corner of the world!) and the chance of performing their work on a global stage at the Movers Anniversary Finale. Their work will also be showcased in Movers Diary.

For queries, please reach out at

Daastan is a literary forum working for revival of literature in Pakistan. We connect writers with opportunities for career growth.

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