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Get A Chance to Attend The APYE Program!

Daastan secures 2nd prize at the international APYE program and goes on to become partners with them. The aim is to train one youth entreprenuer and bring them to the next APYE- all expenses paid.

A Tribute to Maj. Aziz Bhatti

Among the most fearless, most resilient creatures on...

So, Are You #OneOftheFifty?

To market the launch of the mobile app Daastan Naama, the most creative campaign was put forth by the team which featured fifty authors whose work had made it to the app. The hype had everyone on their toes wondering what Daastan was up to this time.

Daastan Goes Digital

The launch of our mobile application, which is jam packed with literary goodness, featuring both prose and poetry, in four different languages.

Trailblazers: Daastan’s Outcast Magazine

Daastan's Literary Fellow and highly applauded author of two books, Fatema Bhaiji, launched Outcast Magazine that took the world by storm.

Daastan Enters Top 10 at Telenor Youth Forum

Daastan's product Qissa ranks top 10 out of 3500+ applicants of the Telenor Youth Forum 2018. The award was given to us on presentation in which Founder Syed Ommer Amer identified how we at Daastan are enabling authors to monetize their time, content and skills through Qissa

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