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Daastan Enters Top 10 at Telenor Youth Forum

Daastan's product Qissa ranks top 10 out of 3500+ applicants of the Telenor Youth Forum 2018. The award was given to us on presentation in which Founder Syed Ommer Amer identified how we at Daastan are enabling authors to monetize their time, content and skills through Qissa

Daastan’s First Punjabi Writing Competition

Daastan launches its very first initiative of Punjabi writing - Likh Punjabi, in collaboration with Punkabi Parchar. Likh Punjabi encourages Punjabi writers to reach out to us with their stories, for a chance to see them published and brought to print

Qissa Accomodates Business Person – Hassan Mueez

A LUMS graduate, and a current Business man, Mr. Hassan Mueez chooses to publish his book titled "Fear Management" through Qissa.

Rounding Up the South Asian Literati through Stories

Daastan collaborates with White Falcon Publishing and Outcast Magazine, to bring Literati South Asian Award for Micro Fiction competition to their community. The top stories will see their work published and brought to print with Daastan.

Our Journey from a Handful of People – to Twenty Thousand Strong!

Daastan's Facebook page crosses the monumental number of 20,000 community members, as the company grows stronger and better in the face of all odds.

Trailblazers: The Girl Who Penned Her Way to Success

Our youngest crowdfunded author from Sindh, 15 year old Lareb Soomro, defied all odds to become the distinguished writer she is today. Hers is a story of resilience and perseverance that we can all learn from.

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