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Lit’Talks | 04 | Artists of South Punjab

In episode 4 of Lit’Talks, two aspiring artists of South...

Lit’ Talks | 00 | Envisioning Layyah 2.0

Lit’ Talks Layyah is finally here! To officially launch Layyah...

A Ground Breaking 4th Season – Stories Untold

After the heart breaking news of Zainab's demise, Daastan decided to launch it's fourth season of The Stories Untold competition in her honor. The entries of I Am Zainab aim to eradicate the stigma attached with the topic of child abuse, along with providing real life advice on how to prevent them from happening.

The Stories Untold Season 4x; An Offshoot of Daastan’s Competition

Outcast Magazine, an internationally acclaimed LGBTQ+ rights magazine, conducts an additional season of our competition The Stories Untold, titled as '4x', to raise awareness about the abuse faced by the shunned community and give them a voice.

Pursue the World of your Imaginations with The Stories Untold Season 3

Our team paving the way for the introduction of a little bit of magic in our lives, by introducing the third season of the Stories Untold story writing competition.

Bringing Words to Life Through a Podcast Project: Nashist

Helping our authors get the true sentiments of their work out to their readers by voicing over quotations and snippets of it as a podcast series.

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